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2013 National Dump The Pump Day

In recognition of the National Dump the Pump Day today, the Transit Cooperative Research Program has listed a number of research papers showing the relationship between surface transportation and climate change. These papers are also in the Resource Center best practices here.

TCRP Synthesis 84: Current Practices in Greenhouse Gas Emissions Savings from Transit (2010) -- This study describes the role of transit agencies in reducing GHG emissions and catalogs the current practices of a sample of agencies.

TCRP 93 - Travel Matters: Mitigating Climate Change with Sustainable Surface Transportation (2003) -- The premise of the report is that enough is now known, despite the uncertainties of measurement and forecasting, to warrant prudent actions to moderate or reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs). Much of what can be done in this regard will have the multiple effects of improving air quality and human physical health, as well as increasing fuel efficiency. Although improving personal and transit vehicle fuel efficiency is one tactic in any future GHG reduction strategy, another equally important tactic involves expanding the overall share of transit in U.S. transportation. This report concentrates on such transit-related strategies.

TCRP Report 122: Understanding How to Motivate Communities to Support and Ride Public Transportation (2008) -- The first objective was to identify—through qualita­tive and quantitative research—the perceptions, values, and decision-making processes that lead to behaviors that support public transportation. The second objective was to determine the most effective communications strategy for motivating individuals, specifically those who are neutral or favorable in their attitudes toward public transportation, to act in support of public transportation.

TCRP Report 123: Understanding How Individuals Make Travel and Location Decisions: Implications for Public Transportation -- The purpose of this project is to explore a broader social context for individual decision making related to residential location and travel behavior.

TCRP Research Results Digest 103: Sustainable Public Transportation: Environmentally Friendly Mobility (2011) -- International Transit Studies Program Report on the Spring 2011 Mission. The digest is an overview of a mission that explored how public transportation systems in India and China have implemented plans, policies, technologies, and strategies for creating more livable communities through bus, metro, bus rapid transit, rail, and light rail systems.