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Accessing Opportunities And Strategies For Transit-Oriented Development

A new report by the Center for Transit-Oriented Development and the Jonathan Rose Companies entitled "Making It Happen: Opportunities and Strategies for Transit-Oriented Development in the Knowledge Corridor" has been added to the Resource Center best practices database.

This report provides a market analysis for potential transit-oriented development in the "Knowledge Corridor" between Hartford, Conn., and Springfield, Mass.

"Because the real estate market fundamentals in the region are still challenging, we think one of the first essential steps will be for the local and state governments to begin targeting their existing economic development dollars to TOD locations to maximize the potential of the transit corridors," explained Sujata Srivastava, principal at Strategic Economics, the CTOD partner that worked on the project.

Transit projects in the region include CTfastrak, a 9.4 mile bus rapid transit system; the NHHS rail service connecting Springfield to downtown Hartford; and restoration of the Vermonter Amtrak rail corridor, which connects Washington, DC, to St. Albans, Vermont. The TOD typology strategy contained in this report provides a framework for understanding what transit-oriented investments might be, where they can leverage the greatest economic potential, and how they can be funded and implemented.The analysis identifies four basic station types – Outreach, Infill, Catalyze and Reposition.

Read the executive summary and download the full report.