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Bikes And Transit In The Bay Area And Measuring Jobs Created By Bike And Pedestrian Projects

A 2012 report detailing the Bay Area Rapid Transit District's bicyle plan and a report measuring jobs created by pedestrian and bicycle access projects have been added to the Resource Center best practices database.

BART Bicycle Plan: Modeling Access To Transit explains BART's plans to double BART bicycle access to 8% of all trips by 2022. BART expects encouraging more bicycling riding will reduce the need to provide costly automobile parking, increase ridership and can increase ridership, reinforce the agency’s image as a green transportation provider, promote fitness and public health, and contribute to achieving regional goals to reduce traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, by providing plentiful and convenient bike parking, BART hopes to encourage as many passengers as possible to leave their bicycles at the station, rather than bringing them onboard, thus leaving space for the system to carry more passengers.

Pedestrian And Bicycle Infrastructure: A National Study Of Employment Impacts looksat the employment that results from the design and construction of pedestrian and bicycling infrastructure such as sidewalks, bike lanes and trails. The study estimates the employment impacts of building and refurbishing transportation infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians by ana­lyzing various transportation projects and use state-specific data to estimate the number of jobs created within each state where the project is located.