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Developing And Implementing Greenhouse Gas Reductions Programs Through Smart Growth

The EPA's 2011 guidebook "Smart Growth: A Guide to Developing and Implementing Greenhouse Gas Reductions Programs" has been added to the Resource Center best practices database.

Part of the EPA's Local Government Climate and Energy Strategy Series, this guide explains smart growth principles and how they can be applied in practice, foundations and strategies for smart growth development, expected costs, and potential funding opportunities.

The guide includes discussion of:


  • The benefits of smart growth
  • Planning and design approaches to smart growth
  • Key participants and their roles
  • Foundations for smart growth program development
  • Implementation strategies for effective programs
  • Investment and funding opportunities
  • Federal, state, and other programs that may be able to help local governments with information or financial and technical assistance
  • Two case studies of local governments that have successfully implemented smart growth principles in their communities. Additional examples of successful implementation are provided throughout the guide.

Read the executive summary and download the full report.