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National Review Of Programs That Fund Transit-Oriented Development Plans And Projects

In early 2011, Reconnecting America released the 2010 Inventory of TOD Programs and shortly after an interactive map detailing the local, regional and statewide programs that fund transit-oriented development plans and projects. Now, Reconnecting America has updated the map and the accompanying data, including information not previously published.

The scope of this effort has not been to compile all policies that support TOD, such as zoning codes, joint development policies or authorizing legislation, but rather to inventory ongoing, institutionalized programs that provide direct funding or financial incentives. Reconnecting America encourages people working in the field to help keep this resource current. To that end, we invite updates using this form.

Programs that provide grants, loans, tax credits, or direct financial incentives to TOD projects or plans have been sorted into three categories:

  • Planning – funds to conduct corridor, district or station-area TOD planning.
  • Implementation – funds for construction of projects or infrastructure in a TOD district.
  • Property Acquisition – funds dedicated to acquiring property or land banking in locations near transit.

The report includes three recommendations regarding TOD funding programs.

  • TOD programs must be tailored to fit the local conditions and needs of the place they are designed to serve.
  • TOD-supportive programs are important, but they are just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to implementing TOD. In addition, removing policy barriers to TOD may prove equally important.
  • TOD programs may be able to include an incentive for localities to zone for appropriate levels of affordable housing near transit, for agencies to acquire properties for mixed-income TOD, or for developers to include below-market rate units in their projects.