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Stimulating TOD With Bus Service

The Institute for Transportation & Development Policy's new report, "More Development for Your Transit Dollar: An Analysis of 21 North American Transit Corridors" has been added to the Research Center's best practices database.

Two good summaries at Atlantic Cities and Next City pull out some of the key findings. Both downplay the rail vs. BRT and focus on the role of government intervention in catalyzing TOD - no matter what the transit technology. Without any government intervention, economic investment in the station area was not as likely to happen if left to the market.

Both also highlight the finding about land potential, and that the lines with the greatest economic investment also were places with a strong market. This is similar to what Reconnecting America found on Denver’s Southeast Line in both Reconnecting America's recent jobs analysis and the Center for Transit-Oriented Development's earlier Rails to Real Estate report, where very little planning was done before the line opened and the context (running in the middle of a highway) does not allow for much new development near the stations.

Jarrett Walker at Human Transit offers the assessment "Yes, great bus service can stimulate development!"