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Strategies For Sustainable Mobility In Cities

A study by the Technische Universität München and MAN, a European transportation and energy company, examining how major cities around the world want to shape passenger transport in future has been added to the Resource Center best practices database.

In "What Cities Want" urban and transport planners from 15 cities around the globe – Ahmedabad, Beirut, Bogotá, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles, Lyon, Melbourne, Munich, St. Petersburg, Sao Paulo, Shanghai and Singapore – describe how they want to shape urban mobility in the future.

The strategies observed by the study for the planning of more sustainable mobility are many and varied. Taken altogether, the report distinguishes between the following approaches to sustainable mobility:

  • Strategies for the integration of urban development and transport planning (particularly marked in Ahmedabad, Angeles, Melbourne, Munich and Singapore)
  • Encouragement of local public transport (in all the cities investigated)
  • Encouragement of walking and cycling (a major issue in Ahmedabad, Copenhagen, London, Melbourne and Munich)
  • Technological approaches (e.g. Lyon’s introduction of Intelligent Transportation Systems, São Paulo’s emphasis on vehicle efficiency) together with traffic restrictions and financial schemes (such as road tolls in London, Singapore and Copenhagen, the environmental zone in Munich and restrictions on vehicle licensing in Shanghai).

Read the executive summary and download the full report