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About 6½ years ago we started collecting articles of interest for folks in the office. That turned into collecting articles for the Reconnecting America board and then an email list that was shot off to members. The email list has grown now to more than 1,600 members of Reconnecting America and folks who like to receive news articles about issues related to cities.

As the group who wishes to receive the emails continues to grow, we didn’t want to feel like we were spamming people or leaving them out by not making the list available to more people. Additionally, we wanted to be able to archive articles and allow people to search for older news without fumbling back through emails. And if you miss a day, you can find two days at once in each subject area.

The site is called the Direct Transfer because that’s what we hope to do. Transfer information and knowledge to you. We know that sometimes it’s like drinking from a fire hose, but this becomes a window through which we can see what’s going on in cities around the world on any given day. And as busy as we all are, five minutes each morning is all it takes to skim over the list. Happy Reading.

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