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Understanding How Highway Congestion And Price Affect Travel Demand

The results of the Transportation Research Board's second Strategic Highway Research Program report on better assessing how highway congestion and price affect motorist travel behavior has been added to the Resource Center's best practices database.

The 2013 report, "Improving our Understanding of How Highway Congestion and Price Affect Travel Demandexplores the effect on demand and route choice of demographic characteristics, car occupancy, value of travel time, value of travel time reliability, situational variability, and an observed toll aversion bias.

"Driver response to congestion and road pricing is an essential element to forecasting the future use of roadway systems and estimating the effect that pricing has on demand and route choice," reports Stephen J. Andrle in the Foreword to the report. "Though many studies have been conducted in the past and revenue studies are routinely done for proposed toll roads, there is still a need for improving the behavioral basis for forecast. The objective of this project was to develop mathematical descriptions of the full range of highway user behavioral responses to congestion, travel time reliability, and pricing."

Read the foreward and download the full report.