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Making Joint Development Work: the Federal, Transit Agency and Business Perspective

The Center For Transit-Oriented Development held a webinar on "Making Joint Development Work: Perspectives from the Federal, Transit Agency and Business Roles." The webinar was co-sponsored by the Federal Transit Administration and the American Public Transportation Association.

Transit agencies such as Portland TriMet, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority and Miami-Dade Transit have successfully completed joint development projects that have served to create revenue, provide affordable housing, increase ridership, and/or foster public and private partnerships in the community. Getting there however, was not easy. Numerous transit agencies across the country find it challenging to decode federal language, work with local developers and partners, comply with various state and local regulations, and secure funding for joint development projects. Webinar participants heard different perspectives on how to make joint development work, including the federal role in facilitating joint development, successful initiatives adapted by Portland Tri-Met, and insight from a business and legal standpoint on making a project viable. The webinar also highlighted research around joint development and recommendations submitted to the FTA for clarifying existing rules on joint development.

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