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This list of transit-oriented development news from mainstream media and the blogosphere is part of a larger article distributed by email to members of Reconnecting America by Jeff Wood, a Program Associate and GIS Specialist at Reconnecting America. If you would like to join Jeff's mailing list, visit our Get Connected page.


San Francisco: Stimulus Should Go to Poor Urban Areas
San Francisco Chronicle

The $700-plus billion recovery package being hashed out in Congress has tremendous potential to revive the American economy. But if it moves ahead as designed, I fear it will also further entrench many long-standing inequities of American life.

Blogosphere: Transportation Committee Members Crying Foul
Transport Politic

We discussed the text of the stimulus bill yesterday, decrying its rather limited investment in transit, and the fact that it would allocate far less to transit and high-speed rail projects than would have Congressman Jim Oberstar's Rebuild America proposal, even while maintaining the level of support planned for highways. Now the Wall Street Journal reports that some congressmen, especially those on the Transportation Committee, are calling foul:

International: UK HSR Gets Go Ahead
Financial Times

The most eye-catching aspect of yesterday's package of rail announcements is the establishment of a company to plan and build Britain's second dedicated high-speed rail line. High Speed 2 will be set up to explore the options for a rail line heading west out of London to a new Heathrow International hub near the airport, before going on initially to the West Midlands, but possibly eventually to Scotland.

National: Stimulus Showdown

Democratic governors are slamming environmental advocates, in one of the first fights to break out within the Democratic party over the shape of the stimulus bill being fashioned by Congress and the new Obama administration. The governors want money pumped into roads and bridges. Environmentalists say that just means more cars, and therefore more pollution, and want greener initiatives instead.

Twin Cities: Town Center Plan vs. Wal Mart
Minneapolis Star Tribune

Eden Prairie envisions a new "town center'' in its future, and Wal-Mart -- to the company's dismay -- has a store right in the middle of it. Wal-Mart has urged Eden Prairie to alter its redevelopment plans for the area north of Eden Prairie Mall to take its store out of the plan. The city's concept calls for smaller, pedestrian-oriented businesses forming a new 100-acre downtown that would completely encompass the current Wal-Mart site. An all-new "Main Street" would even cut right across Wal-Mart's existing parking lot.