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Enviroment & Ecology: Energy Generation Walking, Indoor Microbial Census, Breathing On The Subway, UK Wildlife In Trouble


Walking Could Produce Energy via Shoes 

Giant Freakin Robot


There's no better power than people power! A team of engineering students at Rice University in Houston, Texas have invented a shoe that can harness the energy of everyday walking to, theoretically, power small devices such as cell phones or mp3 players.

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An Indoor Microbial Census 

New York Times


On a sunny Wednesday, with a faint haze hanging over the Rockies, Noah Fierer eyed the field site from the back of his colleague's Ford Explorer.

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What Are You Breathing on the Subway? 

New York Times


Norman R. Pace, a microbiologist at the University of Colorado Boulder, pioneered the use of DNA to study microbes

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Advocates Upset at Governors Cap and Trade Shift 



Governor Jerry Brown has spent a lot of energy focusing on the dangers of climate change lately.

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A Dutch Approach to Flood and Drought Management 

Next City


During the Great Flood of 1993, the Mississippi River crested at nearly 50 feet, the highest level ever recorded in St. Louis and nearly 20 feet above flood stage.

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Aerial Photos Show Tornado Scars in the Suburbs 

The Atlantic Cities


Since Monday's horrific tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, we've gotten a steady stream of snapshots of the damage left in its wake and the natural disaster that caused it:

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United Kingdom Wildlife in Trouble 

The Daily Mail


This week's State of Nature report compiled by 25 bodies, including Buglife and the RSPB, makes shocking reading. Nearly 60 per cent of our wild species are down in numbers

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