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Urban Issues: Vision For Richmond's Future, Vancouver Embracing Accessory Units, Traffic Cones, New Google Maps


A Grand Vision for Richmond's Future 

Bacon's Rebellion


By 2035 the Richmond region will grow by roughly 200,000 households (435,000 people) and 200,000 new jobs. That's a mind-numbing number for a metropolitan region with barely more than 1 million inhabitants today.

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Vancouver Planners Say Accessory Units Have Won Acceptance 

The Province


According to city planners, once-controversial laneway houses are generally accepted in Vancouver and should be extended across the city.

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Our Love Hate Relationship with Traffic Cones 



Following their introduction in the UK about sixty years ago, the humble traffic cone has permeated our lives - either as intended, as an instrument of traffic management or, perhaps, as part of a night of merry mischief.

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Subway Maps and Visualising Social Equality


Most government statistics are mapped according to official geographical units. Whilst such units are essential for data analysis and making decisions about, for example, government spending, they are hard for many people to relate to and they don't particularly stand out on a map.

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European Influences on Early American Planning 

Global Site Plans


First published in 1965 and last printed in 1980, "Town Planning in Frontier America" by John Reps discusses everything a typical college "Intro to Urban Planning" course would discuss.

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New Google Maps Revealed 

Google Lat Long


What if we told you that during your lifetime, Google could create millions of custom maps...each one just for you?

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Inglewood Race Track to Be Redeveloped as Neighborhood 

Architect's Newspaper


Less than two weeks ago, the "Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports" sent 20 thoroughbreds racing around the track at the Kentucky Derby, but across the country, Inglewood's Hollywood Park race track has announced that it will be ceasing all races at the end of this year.

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A Look Back at the Formation of Kentlands 

Town Courier


Mike Watkins is an internationally known architect and town planner who lives and works in Kentlands, the neighborhood he helped to plan. Kentlands resident Claire Lane interviewed Mike to mark the 25th anniversary of the Kentlands charrette this June.

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