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Resources and documents contained within this section are a continuation of the Best Practices database originally funded by the Federal Transit Administration. Here you’ll find case study, research, technical, and policy documents on almost every topic related to transit oriented development and livable communities. Featured Topics pages contain all the resources collected related to that topic.

Featured Topics:

Capturing the Value of Transit

Value Capture pertains to the collection of increased value that occurs when property values around a transit station increase. This featured topic section contains documents related to value capture and value increase.

rc graph

See Featured Topic Page for Value Capture


Streetcars have become a popular topic in the United States. Research in this section ranges from development studies to greenhouse gas reports.


See Featured Topic Page for Streetcar

Employment & Transit

This featured topic contains resources related to transit and employment with studies that range from Jobs and Sprawl to transit ridership and employment destinations.

Med Center Houston

See Featured Topic Page for Employment & Transit

TOD & Equity

Building equitable, transit-oriented communities means ensuring that people from all walks of life have access to quality transportation choices, housing and opportunity.

North Beach Place Hope 6 Mixed Income in SF by Bob Canfeild Courtesy of Bridge Housing3

See Featured Topic Page for TOD And Equity

Station Area Typologies

One size does not fit all. This section contains resources and studies related to transit oriented development place types and typologies

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See Featured Topic Page for Station Area Typologies

Federal Policy

Learn more about the Federal Budget, Congress or Federal Policy as it relates to transit and community development.

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