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Market Value Analysis: Understanding Where and How to Invest Limited Resources

Building 100 affordable homes in the middle of an area of distress and disinvestment may help only the 100 families who receive the homes. But those same 100, built in another location and bundled with other related activities, may help not only those 100 households, but the hundreds of residents around them. The Market Value Analysis (MVA) is an effective instrument to help create that kind of impact. The MVA identifies where and how to invest limited resources that can transform urban real estate markets into revitalized neighborhoods.

Pioneered by The Reinvestment fund (TRF), a financier of neighborhood and economic revitalization projects, the MVA was first applied to Philadelphia’s Neighborhood Transformation Initiative. An MVA has since been created for Camden, N.J.; Baltimore; and other cities in the mid-Atlantic region.

The MVA creates an innovative data-driven framework for restoring market viability and wealth in distressed urban real estate markets. It helps governments, private investors and philanthropies target and prioritize actions that leverage investment and revitalize neighborhoods.