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4th And King Street Railyards, Final Summary Memo

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Dear Interested 4th & King Railyards Stakeholder

The Planning Department is pleased to send you the attached 41h/King Railyards Final Summary Memo. The overarching purposes of the study were to evaluate the potential for transit-oriented development on the site in order to generate revenue to support rail infrastructure investments and operations as well as to improve physical conditions in the neighborhood, generate additional ridership, and help meet the City’s obligations to accommodate sustainable growth.

The study finds that the current published plans by the rail agencies (Caltrain, CHSRA) for the site would provide limited and challenging opportunity to generate any additional value from the site or to substantially improve the physical environment at or around the yards. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the study finds significant opportunity to generate upwards of $225 million and integrate the site into the fabric of the neighborhood given a relocation or significant consolidation of railyard functions.

This study should be regarded as an informational effort to inform decision-making regarding this site based on the potential for, feasibility of, and possible parameters for future development of the site. The purpose of this study was not to create a specific land use proposal for adoption or endorsement by any decision-making body or stakeholder. The findings of this study will hopefully inform decisions about rail investments and alignments as well as serve as a reference for future planning, design, and implementation efforts once the ultimate configuration of the railyards is more certain.

Caltrain and future High-Speed Rail are critical to the future of San Francisco. Our first interest is ensuring the perpetual success and sustainability of these services and the physical assets they rquire. Ultimately, for any significant change in the use and function of the railyards, including development such as considered in this study, there will need to be a shared vision from all stakeholders.

John Rahaim
Director of Planning