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Sound Transit System Access Policy

System Access Policy

Sound Transit’s mission is to plan, build, and operate regional transit systems and services to improve mobility for central Puget Sound. Sound Transit is committed to wisely managing public funds and facilitating access to its regional high capacity transit system while fulfilling the agency’s mission. Sound Transit’s responsibility is to provide and operate a high-capacity transit system delivering fast, frequent transit service that connects the region’s urban centers. Sound Transit is authorized to use its tax revenues to plan, construct and operate high-capacity transit as defined in its enabling legislation (81.104 RCW).

The System Access Policy establishes a framework for Sound Transit’s support and management of, and investment in, infrastructure and facilities to provide customer access to its transit services. Sound Transit will seek to provide or facilitate equitable improvements in access to transit services in cooperation with public and private entities as allowed by applicable laws, regulations, plans and policies. When designing transit facilities and services, Sound Transit will work with partner agencies, jurisdictions and third parties to maximize pedestrian, bike and transit access and provide parking capacity within available resources.


The goals of the System Access Policy and Sound Transit’s system access efforts are to:

  1. Increase transit ridership
  2. Encourage convenient and safe connections to Sound Transit services through all access modes including:
  • Connecting transit and ferry services
  • Paratransit pick-up and drop-off
  • Pedestrian access
  • Bicycle access
  • Private vehicle pick-up and drop-off
  • Vehicles requiring parking