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Reconnecting America and its partner organizations have created a number of innovative online and interactive web tools over the last few years. Each of these innovative tools is described below and the links will take you directly to the pages that house those tools.

H+T Index Map

H + T Affordability Index »

Developed by the Center for Neighborhood Technology and with the Center for Transit-Oriented Development, the Housing + Transportation Affordability Index is an innovative tool that measures the true affordability of housing based on its location. Americans traditionally consider housing affordable if it costs 30 percent or less of their income. The Housing + Transportation Affordability Index, in contrast, offers the true cost of housing based on its location by measuring the transportation costs associated with place.

TOD Database Website

TOD Database »

Funded by the Federal Transit Administration and developed by the Center for Transit Oriented Development, the TOD Database is a national web tool that provides demographic and employment data for the area within one-half mile of every existing and planned fixed-guideway transit station in the United States.

Reconnecting America Map Room

Over the last few years we have created a lot of maps for project analysis and our own interest. They are an important part of how we communicate many of our ideas and help inform how we should think about transit and development.  The map room makes project maps we have created available for analysis and use in PowerPoints.


MITOD: Mixed Income TOD Action Guide »

This Action Guide is a tool for local jurisdictions working to foster mixed-income transit-oriented development (TOD) around planned transit stations. The term “mixed-income TOD” (MITOD) is shorthand to describe a set of goals that includes the provision of a mix of housing choices, affordable to a range of incomes, for people at different stages of life within a specific transit station area. The goal of this guide is to help practitioners identify the most appropriate and effective planning tools for achieving MITOD in their transit station area, and ultimately to facilitate the development of mixed-income communities across the United States.

LA TOD Typology Website

Los Angeles Typology & Case Study Project »

Through a year-long study assessing the 71 existing and under construction station areas in Los Angeles, the Center for Transit-Oriented Development created a set of tools that planners, community advocates, and developers can use to assess potential and existing transit-oriented districts. This work has entailed extensive analysis of neighborhoods around existing and planned fixed-guideway stations in the city and focus group meetings with developers, planners and other agency staff, institutional property owners and community groups.

Twin Cities TOD »

This website brings together many of the existing resources and initiatives surrounding TOD in the Twin Cities, including funding sources, regional and local initiatives and transit corridor planning. There is no one-size-fits-all path to creating successful TOD, and by serving as a home base for the many TOD-related projects happening in the region, this site will help focus the conversation while highlighting the many existing resources.