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Brookings Takes Another Look At How Well Jobs & Transit Are Linked

A little more than a year after releasing Missed Opportunity: Transit and Jobs in Metropolitan America, Brookings is back with another look at how well jobs and transit are linked.

Flipping the perspective from the demand side of the employer-employee relationship, the new "Where the Jobs Are: Employer Access to Labor by Transit" looks at transit accessibility from the supply side.  While the change perspective offers some nuanced results, the bottom line remains the same: about 27 percent to 30 percent of people are able to take transit to work in a commute that takes 90 minutes or less.

Just before Brookings released its first employment and transit report, the Center for Transit-Oriented Development (Reconnecting America is a partner) released two papers on employment centers and their relationship to transit, which highlight the importance of connecting people of all incomes to job opportunities in all industries via transit.

Read the findings and introduction and download the full report

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