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Transit Oriented Development: Making it Happen

Academic research publication includes chapter by RA CEO Shelley Poticha and program associate Jeff Wood

A new book published by academic research publisher Ashgate entitled "Transit Oriented Development: Making it Happen" includes a chapter written by Reconnecting America's CEO Shelley Poticha and Jeff Wood, a program associate with Reconnecting America and the organization's GIS specialist.

The chapter, entitled "Transit Oriented For All: Delivering Mixed-Income Housing in Transit Served Neighborhoods," frames the rationale for making mixed-income TOD in the U.S. a policy priority, summarizes the findings from three case studies, and identifies a series of strategies for practitioners seeking to ensure that transit-oriented development is available to all.

"There is no single effective approach to promoting mixed-income housing in neighbourhoods near transit," writes Poticha and Wood. "Rather, all stakeholders, including federal government, regional government, local government, the community and the private-section developers, are grappling with the challenges of simultaneously removing barriers to building mixed-use neighbourhoods where transit is convenient and ensuring that a full range of households can access the lifestyle and affordability benefits of TOD."

This section of the book goes on to offer case studies from Boston, Charlotte and Portland.

"The geographic diversity of these case study regions and the differing levels of maturity of their transit systems provide insights regarding the market response to new transit investments, the challenges of preserving and creating mixed-income housing near transit, and the strategies for capturing the value creating by TOD to achieve community benefits," they write.

The book was edited by Carey Curtis, Curtin University of Technology, Australia, John L. Renne, University of New Orleans, USA, and Luca Bertolini, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Ashgate is an independent press dedicated to publishing academic research. Each year Ashgate publishes more than 700 new books across 15 subject areas in the Social Sciences and Humanities.

"Transit Oriented Development: Making it Happen brings together the different stakeholders and disciplines that are involved in the conception and implementation of TOD to provide a comprehensive overview of the realization of this concept in Australia, North America, Asia and Europe," the publisher explains. "The book identifies the challenges facing TOD and through a series of key international case studies demonstrates ways to overcome and avoid them. The insights gleaned from these encompass policy and regulation, urban design solutions, issues for local governance, the need to work with community and the commercial realities of TOD."

Former Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis says, "A new national administration, with the support of the Congress, has finally decided that it is time to…create the conditions that will encourage transit-oriented development. That is what this book is about – and it should be required reading for all of us at every level of government that understand the importance of a fresh new approach to development in America."