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TOD Database: One Stop Shop for Station Area Data

Reconnecting America and the Center for Transit-Oriented Development held the third in its series of webinars on Sept. 20, 2011. "TOD Database: One Stop Shop for Station Area Data" introduced users to the functionality and potential applications of the TOD Database, a map-based website that provides comprehensive information on 4,610 transit stations across the country.

The TOD Database is a first-of-its-kind tool for planners, developers, academics and government officials. It is designed to help stakeholders understand and take advantage of development opportunities around transit nodes. Webinar presenters provided detailed instructions for accessing and downloading the data, assembling custom reports, and comparing station areas and regions.

The webinar series is sponsored by The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and is valuable to planners, practitioners, housing advocates, MPOs, local, state and federal DOT's, transit agencies, sustainable communities grantees, advocates, as well as elected officials and other decision makers.

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