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Reconnecting America To Provide Free Place-Based Sustainability Technical Assistance In Seattle And Phoenix

Reconnecting America, as a partner in Livability Solutions, has been selected to provide technical assistance to the Seattle Department of Planning & Development and Valley Metro in Phoenix as part of a grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Sustainable Communities under their Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities Program.

In Seattle, Reconnecting America and its Center for Transit-Oriented Development partner, the Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT), will train Planning & Development Department staff in transit-oriented development (TOD) data and implementation tools in order to help promote walkable, vibrant, and affordable neighborhoods around major public transportation hubs in the region.

In Phoenix, Reconnecting America and CNT will train Valley Metro staff in the use of TOD data and implementation tools to track indicators and build capacity in the region for more efficient, vibrant neighborhoods around the region's expanding light rail network.

The Building Blocks Technical Assistance Program allows communities to receive quick, targeted help on specific issues related to creating sustainable communities. Reconnecting America was selected to help these communities because of its expertise in transit-oriented sustainable development and its success in building local capacity.

"Both Seattle and Phoenix are undergoing major expansions of their public transportation systems and have strong momentum and local support for transit-oriented development," said Reconnecting America Program Director Catherine Cox Blair. "This technical assistance will allow us to work will local practitioners to identify tools and strategies that can help them implement and achieve the goals of sustainability laid in their transit and TOD plans."

Livability Solutions is a coalition of professionals from 10 leading nonprofit organizations with deep experience in sustainable development. Their common purpose is to work with communities on transportation, land use, placemaking, environmental issues, and public involvement, with the goal of achieving livability, smart growth, and sustainability.

This technical assistance is made possible by a grant to Project for Public Spaces from the United States Environmental Protection Agency Office of Sustainable Communities under the Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities Program. The Building Blocks program funds quick, targeted assistance to communities that face common development problems.