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This list of transit-oriented development news from mainstream media and the blogosphere is part of a larger article distributed by email to members of Reconnecting America by Jeff Wood, a Program Associate and GIS Specialist at Reconnecting America. If you would like to join Jeff's mailing list, visit our Get Connected page.

National: Major Project Advocates Dissapointed
New York Times

When President-elect Barack Obama announced last month that he would revive the economy with the largest public works program since the dawn of the Interstate System of highways, advocates for the nation's long-neglected infrastructure were euphoric.

Blogosphere: Many Popular Flights Not Needed

This tally of the most popular airline routes reveals that several of the busiest flight routes are absolutely unnecessary. In the top three, we can understand the Hong Kong to Taipei trip, and numbers two and three--LA to New York and London to New York. But Milan to Rome at number 5--come on! It's a 4 hour train ride , with high speed links, through the Tuscan countryside--what could be better? Or a 6 hour drive along the autostrada del sole--either of which would be an improvement on flying.

Denver: Property Owners Angry About Eminent Domain
Denver Daily News

Property owners are angry over a law that allows the Regional Transportation District to collect only half the appraised value of land condemned in a so-called "partial taking." The law applies when a governmental agency seizes only a portion of a property. The law, which originally applied only to the Colorado Department of Transportation, was extended to RTD in 2005 for the sake of equality. Officials argue that the "50 percent law" is necessary to protect taxpayers from property owners taking advantage of windfall profits. But to the 150 property owners along the planned FasTracks West Corridor, the law means potentially losing 50 percent of their appraised property value on the portion of property RTD condemns.

El Paso: Rail Line in the Future
El Paso Times

Let's not sit idly by while those around us hustle into futuristic projects, even if they are out there in the future. One such is having a rail-based transit plan. But that idea seemed to have gotten only a yawn last week. Meanwhile, it was announced last week that nearly a mile of new railroad track has been laid in Santa Teresa. It's part of a planned 1,221 acres of industrial park that will connect with Mexico.

Blogosphere: St. Louis' MLK Street Over Time
Urban Review St. Louis

So this year I decided to take a photographic look at the continual evolution of Martin Luther King Drive. Like most streets, MLK Dr is not static, it slowly changes over time. Photos help chronicle that change. What we now know as Martin Luther King Drive was originally two streets - Franklin Ave. and Easton Ave.