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These links to news stories and blog posts about transit and TOD are collected daily by Jeff Wood, Reconnecting America's GIS specialist and a passionate transit advocate. Jeff's entire post plus commentary is sent by email to members of Reconnecting America (to join visit our Get Connected page); the first five articles of his daily post (which sometimes contains as many as two dozen links) are available here to nonmembers without his commentary.

Sacramento: RT Looking to LRT Parking Lot Revenue
Sacramento Bee

In dogged search of revenue, Sacramento Regional Transit has resurrected plans for a controversial user fee - $1 a day to park in light-rail stations lots. Officials say a stingy state budget and a down economy are prompting them to consider draconian steps of their own, including charging people to park at the agency's 19 lots along rail lines around the county.

New Jersey: Square Plan
Jersey City Journal

The plan to bring skyscrapers, parks and a revamped transportation hub to a 244-acre site around the Journal Square Transportation Center is scheduled to be voted on at tonight's Jersey City City Council meeting. The plan will be anchored by a mixed-use development next to the transit hub made up of two towers, one 68 stories, the other 50. Other aspects of the plan - such as several acres of new parks, a new transportation center, a narrow-gauge trolley from Route 139 to McGinley Square, and a Light Rail spur to Journal Square - are envisioned, but not funded.

Blogosphere: Development Oriented Transit
Portland Transport

How do we create pedestrian-friendly mainstreets and 20-minute neighborhoods? At the beginning of the last century Streetcars were the preferred tool, and here in Portland they are again at the beginning of this century here in Portland and increasingly in other U.S. cities. Of course it is not simply a matter of installing rails in the street - the successes in the Pearl District, the West End and the developing South Waterfront are based on planning, zoning and a combination of public and private investments including Streetcar.

Cincinnati: Streetcar Goes Somewhere
Cincy Streetcar

I see people make this comment a lot on the Enquirer's website. It is kind of remarkable that some people would call a route that connects Downtown and Uptown, the region's two largest employment centers "nowhere", especially when it serves the following destinations within a few blocks of the line:

Blogosphere: Phoenix Opening
Seattle Transit Blog

In the second of the series about the Phoenix light rail opening (you can read the first here), I'm going to look at how Phoenix promoted its light rail opening, and what Seattle can learn from their experience in time to make our Light Rail line's July openning a big deal. Phoenix's light rail opened to extremely positive news stories about the construction, stations and that trains that were packed with people getting on the line for the first time (see the video) and even news stories from other cities jealous of the new line. Can this happen here? And why did it happen there?