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These links to news stories and blog posts about transit and TOD are collected daily by Jeff Wood, Reconnecting America's GIS specialist and a passionate transit advocate. Jeff's entire post plus commentary is sent by email to members of Reconnecting America (to join visit our Get Connected page); the first five articles of his daily post (which sometimes contains as many as two dozen links) are available here to nonmembers without his commentary.

Portland: Rose Quarter

Doug Obletz's recent column in The Sunday Oregonian ("Reviving the Rose Quarter," March 22) painted a picture of new development at and adjacent to the Rose Garden, between Interstate 5 and the Willamette River. As longtime eastside business leaders, we welcome such redevelopment. At the same time, economic development efforts must connect to the rest of the Lloyd District in order to succeed and to fully maximize the potential of the east side.

Waco: Possible Streetcars
Waco Tribune

The city of Waco will use $300,000 in federal funds on an engineering study for a proposed fixed-line trolley connecting downtown with Baylor University. Waco Transit proposed funding the study through a portion of the federal economic stimulus money it received for public transit. The policy board of the Waco Metropolitan Planning Organization, which plans transportation countywide, voted last week to include the study in its plan. Waco City Manager Larry Groth made the motion.

Blogosphere: BART vs WMATA
Seattle Transit Blog

Trying to build on what Adam said in his great post about station spacing, I want to look at the transit system with the farthest spaced stations, BART, and compare it to its "sister system", the DC Metro, and talk a bit at what that might tell us about Link.

Hawaii: Limited Parking at Transit Stations
Honolulu Advertiser

Limited parking spaces could cause commuters to think twice about driving to one of Honolulu's planned rail stations for a train ride. The city forecast that residents and tourists will take more than 95,000 trips a day on Honolulu's planned $5.4 billion rail system. Nearly nine out of every 10 of those trips will be by people arriving at train stations by bus, bicycle or foot. But that will still leave nearly 11,000 trips coming from those who will drive to train stations, according to the city's draft environmental impact study.

Blogosphere: Peds Were Jerks Back Then?

An absolutely fascinating seven minute film of the streets of Barcelona in 1908, taken with a camera mounted on the front of a streetcar. The streets are dominated by bicyclists and pedestrians, many of whom appear to be in a non-stop game of chicken with the trolley. It is lovely to see a world without cars where streets are for people; not so lovely to see that riding habits haven't generally improved.