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These links to news stories and blog posts about transit and TOD are collected daily by Jeff Wood, Reconnecting America's GIS specialist and a passionate transit advocate. Jeff's entire post plus commentary is sent by email to members of Reconnecting America (to join visit our Get Connected page); the first five articles of his daily post (which sometimes contains as many as two dozen links) are available here to nonmembers without his commentary.

San Diego: Recommendations for Transit Development
San Diego Union Tribune
Plans for the 465-acre, city-owned El Corazon land in central Oceanside should include 300 homes as well as recreational facilities, natural habitat, shops and hotels, the city Planning Commission recommended this week.. . . . . . . Read On

Boise: City Should be a Model
Idaho Statesman

Ranking Downtown Boise third in the nation among metropolitan areas of its size, real estate developer Christopher B. Leinberger said he considered it the best in the Rocky Mountain West... . . . Read On.

Blogosphere: NAACP Split in Cinci?
Urban Cincy
Christopher Smitherman is the controversial President of the local chapter of the NAACP. He has always been a somewhat controversial figure, but his recent actions as the President of the NAACP has led several prominent local black activists to openly criticize Smitherman and the NAACP.. . . . . . . . Read On

Charlotte: Which Lines Come First?
Charlotte Observer
A light-rail extension to University City is viable and can likely be built with federal money, despite costing as much as $1.12billion, the Charlotte Area Transit System said Wednesday.. . . . . . . . Read On

Blogosphere: Livable Streets for Senior Citizens
Streetsblog LA
Usually a Streetfilm that is this NY-Centric I wouldn't re-post here except that with yesterday's discussion of two elderly women killed in a crosswalk it was interesting to see what New York City is doing to make it's streets safer for senior citizens.. . . . . . Read On