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Blogosphere: Portland vs. Vancouver, WA., Suburban Green Streets, Urbanists Circa 400BC, Lives Of Commuters, Busways

Blogosphere - In this section you'll find commentary, opinion and editorials from blogs and newspapers around the country. The opinions expressed in these blogs do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Reconnecting America.

Blogosphere: Dream of Suburbs Alive in Vancouver

Rebuilding Place in Urban Space

A video parody based on the opening of the IFC series, "Portlandia."...

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Blogosphere: Hey Vikings, Parking is Not Cities

Twin Cities Sidewalks

I kinda understand tailgating, I suppose. It's like a picnic, only instead of being in a park under a tree on a blanket in the grass, you're in a parking lot eating out of your trunk on a crappy lawn chair surrounded by tailpipe fumes, and the only way to make it enjoyable is to drink yourself into a stupor...

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Blogosphere: Portland's Non Grid - Grid

Keep Houston Houston

Portland's got good bones. No doubt about that. You'll often hear me diss Portland's planning and zoning policy at every level from the neighborhoods to the MPO. What you won't hear me diss are the guys who built the damn place 100 years ago...

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Blogosphere: X-Rayed Buildings in Budapest

The Pop Up City

Stirred by brutal large-scale urban renewal in a Budapest's eighth district, art collective Merge Invisible found a way to commemorate old buildings that have fallen victim to demolition...

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Blogosphere: Fixing Suburbs with Green Streets

NRDC Switchboard

We've made such a mess of the suburbs we constructed in the last fifty or so years that one wonders whether they can ever be made into something more sustainable...

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Blogosphere: Advice for Urbanists in 400 BC

The Atlantic Cities

Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "By necessity, by proclivity, and by delight, we all quote." There is no exception with regard to cities, and the result is both humbling and inspirational. ..

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Blogosphere: Chronicling the Lives of Commuters

The City Fix

The Boston Globe has been chronicling the life of commuters on one of Boston's most important public transit lines, Bus 19. The stories are sobering and humbling, providing context into the lives of those who depend on public transportation to reach work, education and basic necessities...

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Blogosphere: Who Said This?

DC Streetsblog

Match the quotation to its Speaker (hint, hint!): "Let's go ahead and be really bold, and go head-to-head with the Chinese in developing and implementing maglev trains that move at 280 to 300, 320 miles an hour"...

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Blogosphere: What We Can Learn From City Busways

The Atlantic Cities

Late last month the Federal Transit Administration awarded Connecticut $275 million for a 9.4-mile busway connecting Hartford and New Britain. A busway is more or less a highway for buses; unlike the painted bus lanes found in places like New York, busways are segregated roads left exclusively to bus traffic...

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Blogosphere: California's Collaboration Madness

New Geography

We Californians like collaboration. Before we do things here, we consult all of the "stakeholders." We have hearings, studies, reviews, conferences, charrettes, neighborhood meetings, town halls, and who knows what else...

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Blogosphere: Rise of Sharing Economy

The Atlantic Cities

Zipcar recently released its second annual survey of how the millennial generation feels about transportation and car ownership, and the research not surprisingly lighted on a number of findings that will enthuse anyone who cares about the car-sharing company's economic prospects. ..

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Blogosphere: Consensus and Astroturf

Pedestrian Observations

Anthony Flint's article in The Atlantic Cities, which compares Jane Jacobs' protesting to current Tea Party protests against urban planning, inadvertently unmasks a serious issue in any consensus society...

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Blogosphere: Gingertecture at Christmas Time

Rose Fellowship Blog

A simple gingerbread house was the gateway drug that sucked me into the world of architecture. Perhaps it was the colorful candy or spicy cookies that hooked me in at such a young age...

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