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Blogosphere: NY Subway History, Fringe Suburbs, Rethinking Offices, Urban Ecology, Highway Death Maps, Urban Kids, Pocket Parks

Blogosphere - In this section you'll find commentary, opinion and editorials from blogs and newspapers around the country. The opinions expressed in these blogs do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Reconnecting America.

Blogosphere: The Progressive Reaction to IRT Subway

Forbes Blogs has an amazing trove of transit history, and I just got done reading "The Impact of the IRT on New York City" by Clifton Hood, on the effects of New York's first subway rapid transit line, first opened in 1904...

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Blogosphere: A Sunken Bridge

Pop Up City

The Dutch designers of RO&AD Architects have built a unique bridge that hardly comes out of the water itself. Their so-called Moses Bridge is sunken and offers access to the unique 17th century Fort de Roovere in the Netherlands...

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Opinion: Leinberger - Death of the Fringe Suburb 

New York Times 

DRIVE through any number of outer-ring suburbs in America, and you'll see boarded-up and vacant strip malls, surrounded by vast seas of empty parking spaces...

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Opinion: Rethink Sprawl by Rethinking Office

New York Times

IN an era of concern about climate change, residential suburbs are the focus of a new round of critiques, as low-density developments use more energy, water and other resources. But so far there's been little discussion of that other archetype of sprawl, the suburban office...

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Blogosphere: TOD's Slow Development

Dallas Morning News

the most difficult promise for DART cities to fulfill is the one of transit-oriented development. That is, transit supporters argue that one main benefit of investing in DART rail is stimulation of new homes, apartments, stores, offices, etc., near the stops...

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Blogosphere: The Ghost of Urban Ecology

Per Square Mile

If you want a glimpse of our ecological future, take a look at present-day Europe. Continuous and intensive human habitation for millennia have crafted ecosystems that not only thrive on human disturbance, they're dependent on it...

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Blogosphere: Why Asian Food in Paris is So Bad

The Atlantic Cities

There are a few stereotypical things an ex-pat moving from a city like New York can anticipate when coming to Paris. In terms of positives-crisp, warm baguette at the local boulangerie, delicious and inexpensive cheese at the corner market...

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Blogosphere: Ohio DOT to Cleveland, Drop Dead

Rust Wire

There periodically arise big moments in urban development-moments that can affect a city's life course. Here in Cleveland we are at one of those moments. The issue is whether or not we can finally break through the walls that have divided us from the Lake...

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Blogosphere: The Great Plains of North Philly

Philadelphia 2050

Philaphilia's GroJLart has on Naked Philly a feature about the ruins of the Logan Triangle, a region of subsiding land due to poor fill over the now-turned-into-a-sewer Wingohocking Creek...

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Blogosphere: National Transport Fatality Map 01-09 

DC Streetsblog

Leave it to the Brits to create an incredible tool for examining America's own crisis of traffic fatalities. Behold this somber map, made by ITO World, a UK-based transportation information firm...

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Blogosphere: Urbanism Good for Everyone, Esp Kids

Greater Greater Washington

We assume that kids belong in the suburbs, where they've got yards to play in and great schools to learn in. But good, urban neighborhoods can produce good kids as well...

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Blogosphere: Reasons London Isn't Bike Cental


During WWII, thousands of bicycles were stolen from the Dutch by occupying Germans, leaving them unable to get around. In Britain, however, strict patrol rationing meant bicycle use rose considerably because it was the only way to get around...

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Blogosphere: How Pocket Parks Make Cities Healthier

NRDC Switchboard

A research team has found that distressed neighborhoods where vacant lots have been converted into small parks and community green spaces are associated with reduced crime when compared to neighborhoods with unimproved vacant lots...

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Blogosphere: Just Allow Downtown Development

Slate Moneybox

Louise Mozingo writes about suburban office park sprawl and concludes that "All three steps - a halt to agricultural land conversion, connecting dispersed employment centers with alternative transit, and encouraging downtown development..

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