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News: Google Transit, TOD in Detroit, Cycling in SF, New Haven Streetcar, Lake Oswego Urban Renewal, Carmageddon, Suburban Ecological Danger

Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.  The Chatter, commentary and opposition articles will be found towards the bottom.

Research: Google Transit Tool for Small Agencies


TRB's Innovations Deserving Exploratory Analysis (IDEA) Final Report for Transit IDEA Project 58: Google Transit Data Tool for Small Transit Agencies discusses the process, results, and work effort carried out in creating a tool to have transit information such as routes, start and stop times, trips, fares, and schedules accessible online via Google Transit..

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Research: TOD on Detroit Rail Transit System


This study, conducted jointly at Wayne State University (WSU) and the University of Detroit Mercy (UDM), develops transit-oriented development (TOD) programs around two selected stations along the planned light-rail transit (LRT) route in Metropolitan Detroit...

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San Francisco: How SF Became a Cycling City

Next American City

Amsterdam and San Francisco, despite being thousands of miles apart, have got a few things in common. The development of both cities has been heavily influenced by the dominance of water, Amsterdam with its northern harbour and canals, and San Francisco with the funneling effect of being a peninsula...

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New Haven: Streetcar Plan Not Dead Yet

Yale Daily News

Plans to build a streetcar system in New Haven are not dead yet. On Nov. 16, more than a month after the Board of Alderman rejected a $1 million study to determine the cost and best route of a proposed streetcar, the city submitted a new streetcar study proposal for consideration...

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Portland: Lake O Foothills Plan Passes Vote

Lake Oswego Review

The council voted 4-2 in favor of the plan at the end of a four-hour public hearing at City Hall Tuesday night, allowing consultants from Williams, Dame & White and project officials to start drafting code amendments for city approval, negotiating agreements with potential developers and working toward creation of an urban renewal district...

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National: Are Freeways Doomed?


Everyone freak out: Carmageddon is back. Right now, several U.S. cities are scheming to shut down major freeways - permanently. In the push to take back cities from cars, this is what you'd call throwing down the gauntlet...

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National: Environmental Danger of Suburban Business 

Christian Science Monitor

A NY Times opinion piece argues that suburban buildings are major electricity consumers and that this is bad. The piece presents no facts about what a Microsoft Campus' per-worker energy consumption is and what it would have been had the campus been assembled in downtown Seattle...

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