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Blogoshere: REITs For Transport, Chicago Bus Priority, House Transpo Bill Delayed, Parking Minimums, Yarnbombing, Parasite Shelters

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Blogosphere: Expand REITS for Transport?

Urban Ethics and Theory

Second, Congress can expand the definitions of Real Estate Investment Trusts (Reits) and Master Limited Partnerships to include investments in assets such as roads, water, ports, airports, transmission lines, waste water and bridges...

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Blogosphere: Chicago Commits to Bus Priority

Transport Politic

A series of bus lanes will link commuter rail stations, downtown, and the Navy Pier. It's not quite a transitway - despite the branding - but it will speed movement for thousands of passengers...

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Blogosphere: Do Wildlife Corridors Really Work?

Per Square Mile

Fifteen years ago, when I visited Costa Rica for the first time, I was riveted by a conservation effort our guide was involved in-the stringing of habitat corridors across the country to facilitate animal movements...

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Blogosphere: What Would You Do With Measure R +

LA Streetsblog

Is Los Angeles on the "verge of a transit breakthrough" as Move L.A. states in the promotions for Friday's all day conference featuring Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and other political leaders, labor organizers and environmental groups?...

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Blogosphere: Senate Could Define BRT

Seattle Transit Blog

Both houses of Congress continue to struggle with the new transportation bill as they enter a one-week recess. Speaker John Boehner has delayed the justifiably maligned House bill, allegedly because it doesn't have the votes...

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Blogosphere: House Bill Delayed

DC Streetsblog

Congress is in recess, and the House's atrocious transportation bill has been dismembered and delayed, but if you want to preserve funding for transit and active transportation, don't let your guard down yet...

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Blogosphere: The Language of Space


Cities may be seen as systems that, at their best, foster symbiotic interactions and equitable transactions that efficiently distribute resources. To achieve this, planning spaces that enable encounters among individuals to take place is paramount...

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Blogosphere: Nashville Scraps Parking Mins,  NYC?


Want to understand just how twisted the politics of parking are in New York City? Take a look at Nashville, Tennessee. Two years ago, Nashville scrapped parking minimums completely for its downtown, a fact called to our attention by blogger Charlie Gardner. ..

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Blogosphere: A Requested Yarnbombing


I went off to yarnbomb Awaken Cafe in Oakland . It was a celebration for their Opening Day. This was a request yarnbombing . The owner Cort Dunlap , saw my bike racks at Lake Merritt and found me on Facebook...

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Blogosphere: Pepco Site Perfect for NFL or FBI

Greater Greater Washington

The FBI is looking to move its headquarters, and some DC leaders are trying to woo the Redskins back to the District. The soon-to-be-shuttered Pepco power plant would make an ideal site for either one...

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Blogosphere: Cabin on the Side of a Building

Pop Up City

Where to find new space for building in the over-occupied centers of world leading cities? Artist Mark Reigelman has designed a great neo-romantic parasite shelter that's attached to the side of the Hotel des Arts in San Francisco...

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Blogosphere: A Model Sustainable Suburb in France

The Atlantic Cities

In 2008, the substantially updated town center of Plessis-Robinson, a suburb of Paris, was named "the best urban neighborhood built in the last 25 years" by the European Architecture Foundation...

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Blogosphere: How American's Can Get Walking Again

The Naked City

Yes, we in Charlotte are geeky enough that it's exciting when the mighty BBC takes note of North Carolina. And the WalkRaleigh campaign that I wrote about Feb. 6 in "Guerrilla wayfinding and the Charlotte dilemma" has hit the big-time, so to speak...

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