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Blogosphere: $2Billion of BRT, LA Subway Route, Destination Centralization, Seattle Transit Capacity, LA Red Line TOD

Blogosphere - In this section you'll find commentary, opinion and editorials from blogs and newspapers around the country. The opinions expressed in these blogs do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Reconnecting America.

Blogosphere: What Does $2B of BRT Look Like?

Portland Transport

Over on their Facebook page, OPAL links to an old Jarrett Walker column from three years ago, "bus-rail debates in a beautiful abstract city, and in los angeles". In it, he poses the question of which is a better use of transit dollars:..

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Blogosphere: Metro Board Chooses Subway Route

The Source

The final route and station locations of the second and third phase of the Westside Subway Extension were approved by the Metro Board of Directors on Thursday by a vote of seven to two. Board Members Mike Antonovich and John Fasana voted against the route...

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Blogosphere: Destination Centralization

Pedestrian Observations

It's by now a commonplace that jobs are more centralized than residences, in terms of CBD concentration. But what I think is worse-known is that destinations in general are incredibly centralized, both across and within metro areas...

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Blogosphere: How Many Railcars Does It Take?

Greater Greater Washington

Every day dozens of Metro trains crisscross the region. How many cars does normal weekday service require? And where do those cars run? We asked the agency, and they were happy to provide the numbers. ..

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Editorial: Seattle's Lack of Transit Capacity

Seattle Times

Research shows that the combined cost of housing and personal transportation is reduced, not increased, in metro regions with higher density. However, the Seattle area lags behind, perhaps scandalously, in providing needed transit infrastructure, writes guest columnist Eric Bruun...

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Blogosphere: Could BRT Transform Montgomery County

Greater Greater Washington

Montgomery's plans for a "Rapid Transit Vehicle" (RTV) bus system could dramatically transform transit in the county, and could even become a model for the rest of the region and country. But to achieve this, planners will have to avoid shortcuts to get the maximum bang possible from buses...

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Blogosphere: New Urbanism's Pivot Point

Street Sense

We are at an critical juncture in our industry as architects, builders, craftsmen, and urbanists. The events and ensuing discussions at this year's Congress for New Urbanism in West Palm Beach reconfirmed that there is an emerging consensus around the reality that now is the time to evolve the new urbanism into its next logical iteration. ..

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Blogosphere: Income Inequality Seen from Space

Per Square Mile

Last week, I wrote about how urban trees-or the lack thereof-can reveal income inequality. After writing that article, I was curious, could I actually see income inequality from space? It turned out to be easier than I expected...

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Blogosphere: TOD on the Red Line

LA Streetsblog

Since the construction of the Red Line, Metro can point to the completion of eleven significant developments. These include signature projects at Hollywood & Highland, Hollywood & Vine and Hollywood & Western along the Red Line; Western & Wilshire and Wilshire & Vermont along the Purple Line and Del Mar along the Gold Line...

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Blogosphere: Curriculum Planners Wish They Had

Atlantic Cities

For a high school curriculum, dividing up subjects into separate specialized classes is pure pragmatism. For understanding real life, it's a little disjointed. "There is an artificiality to a disciplinary approach to the world," says Andy Meyers, a history teacher at the Ethical Culture Fieldston School, a private school in the Bronx...

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Blogosphere: World's Most Interesting Places

Walkable DFW

Heat map produced from geo-tagged uploaded Panoramio photos. I've said before places are "sacred" or loved when they have many photos...

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Blogosphere: Transforming Suburbia into Ecotopia


Continuing our conversation on bicycle infrastructure, I tell Hans that I have some fun stuff for him, too, and present a private stash of bike-infrastructure photos, taken during my visits to various cities including Barcelona, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Seoul, among others...

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Blogosphere: An Island Refuge in New York City

New York Times Townies

A few weeks ago, I visited Roosevelt Island for the first time in over six years. The aerial tram was crowded when I boarded and everyone had cameras ready as we began our ascent over the East River...

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Blogosphere: Havana's Anti-Imperialist Plaza

The Polis Blog

During my visit to Havana a month ago, several taxi drivers eagerly pointed out the "Tribuna Anti-Imperialista" (Anti-Imperialist Platform, also known as Plaza). Such keenness, added to the space's intriguing name and design, made a closer visit irresistible...

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Blogosphere: Challenges Facing Low Income Renters

NHC Open House

As a field, we have become ever more adept at building, managing, and preserving quality rental housing developments that provide stable affordable housing to families in need and help to strengthen local communities...

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Blogosphere: Census Accuracy Report Released

The Atlantic Cities

The U.S. Census Bureau thinks it did a pretty good job back in 2010. The agency recently released the results of a post-Census analysis showing that its decennial count of the country was nearly as accurate as intended, with only a slight overcount that is not statistically significant...

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Blogosphere: Agenda 21 and Urban Development Battles

Minnesota Post

What do bike lanes, historic preservation, light-rail development, protection of open space and energy conservation have in common? Silly me, I thought that they were things that local governments -- not to mention ordinary people and private corporations -- were putting in place to make the urban environment more pleasant and efficient...

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