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Blogosphere: A Fuel Tax For Schools, Walk Score Bikability, Twin Cities LRT Route OK, Smart Growth & Big Government

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Blogosphere: Washington Gov Surprising Tax Proposal

Transportation Issues Daily

Governor Chris Gregoire proposes a new fuel tax, but where the revenue goes might disappoint road, transit, bike-ped, rail and other transportation interests...

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Blogosphere: Sustainable Transport Gaining Momentum

This Big City

With a population of nearly 2.5 million, Cali is ranked as the third biggest city in Colombia after Bogotá and Medellin respectively...

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Blogosphere: Walk Score Ranks Bikability

DC Streetsblog

Walk Score came out with its bikeability rankings in the spring, but they were only at the citywide level. If you wanted to plug in your address and come up with a custom rating for your own address, like you can with Walk Score, the system wasn't quite ready...

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Twin Cities: Golden Valley Approves Fourth LRT Route

Minnesota Public Radio

Early plans for what could be the Twin Cities' fourth light-rail transit spoke are moving ahead, with the blessing of the city of Golden Valley. The city council in the first-ring suburb approved the proposed Bottineau route at a meeting Tuesday evening. ..

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Blogosphere: Dev Rights Depend on Big Government

Greater Greater Washington

Opponents of smart growth often claim that the regulations and infrastructure investments necessary to support compact, walkable, and transit-oriented development are somehow a big government intrusion upon the free market...

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Blogosphere: The Twin Cities Worst Planning Decisions

Minnesota Post

Since I began writing this column last spring, I envisioned two year-end pieces. One would itemize the worst things that planners, bureaucrats, politicians, developers and We the People have done to our Twin Cityscape; the second would list the best...

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Blogosphere: Do We Need a New Environmentalism?

Time Magazine

I advise you all to check out Keith Kloor's piece in Slate on the "Great Schism in the Environmental Movement," which I believe I spent most of last week debating on Twitter...

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