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Blogosphere: Accessibility & Capacity, Dutch Driving Off Peak, Seattle Subway Plans, Food Deserts, Hong Kong Underground

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Blogosphere: Accessibility Without Congestion

The Transportationist

Big cities have lots of congestion. Big cities have lots of accessibility. Therefore congestion causes accessibility. . Therefore accessibility causes congestion...

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Blogosphere: Dutch Rewarding Drivers for Off Peak

Grush Hour

Is it possible to manage congestion without tollingevery road? Possibly not, but there is a way to put it off until "the nextadministration", while still addressing congestion. So think the Dutch-those masters of nationwide road tolling ideas...

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Blogosphere: Plans for a Seattle Subway

The Stranger

Riding the bus at rush hour from downtown to Ballard-or from downtown to West Seattle-currently takes 30 minutes, even longer in heavy traffic...

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Blogosphere: Activists the Key to Expo Opening

LA Streetsblog

That is the date when the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission, one of the predecessor agencies to Metro, purchased the right of way from Southern Pacific that the Exposition Line is being built on...

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Blogosphere: Rural Food Deserts


I was introduced to the concept of the community garden on my street in Boston several years ago, on a site where a house had burned to the ground some time earlier...

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Blogosphere: Bay Meadows TOD Starting Construction

Curbed SF

Bay Meadows is finally happening. Construction begins this summer at the Wilson Meany Sullivan project to build a new, self-contained and transit-friendly town on the site of the old race track with a 63-unit residential component called Amelia to break ground in a few months...

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Blogosphere: Hong Kong Exploring Underground Spaces

BLDG Blog (via Per Square Mile)

Now, according to the South China Morning Post, civil engineers in Hong Kong are exploring the possibility of developing large-scale underground spaces-artificial caves-for incorporation into the city's existing infrastructure...

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Blogosphere: US Metro Population Slows

The Urbanophile

Last week the Census Bureau released 2011 county and metro area population estimates that showed overall slowing population growth and particularly showing slow to halting growth in exurban counties...

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Blogosphere: Over $2B To Stop Blight

NHC Open House

The National Mortgage Settlement is an historic joint state-federal initiative that settles claims that the five largest loan servicers (each affiliated with a major bank) engaged in a number of servicing abuses and improperly foreclosed on thousands of borrowers around the country...

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Blogosphere: Seattle's Surreal Blue Trees

Pop Up City

Something surreal happened in Seattle's Westlake Park last week, when all trees suddenly turned blue. Don't worry, it's not some tree disease but a fresh landscaping project by Egypt-born and Melbourne-based sculpture artist Konstantin Dimopoulos. ..

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Blogosphere: Best and Worst of Media on Cities

The Polis Blog

In 2008, a major Mumbai newspaper published an article on the redevelopment of Dharavi, a vast informal settlement in the heart of the city. The reporter surveyed a sea of roofs, dreaming of the day that swanky skyscrapers replaced the "sprawl of squalor."..

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Blogosphere: Population and Economic Growth

Rust Wire

Do jobs follow people or do people follow jobs? Is the answer to a city's economic problems as simple as attracting new people and growing your population? Is this a case of "If you build it, they will come" or does it get a little more complex than this...

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Blogosphere: Big Boxes and Hate Group Locations

The Atlantic Cities

Economists and sociologists have for years pointed to a number of variables associated with the rise of hate groups in communities across the U.S., including high crime rates, high unemployment, low education, and geographic location...

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