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Blogosphere: Attack On Transit Funds, Fuel Economy Undermines Highways, Urban County, Promoting TOD, World's Smartest City

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Blogosphere: Ways & Means Would Shift Transit Monies

T4 America

Reversing policy begun under President Ronald Reagan, House Ways and Means Committee - at the direction of House leadership - could move Friday to end guaranteed funding for public transportation, and leave even today's inadequate funding levels in doubt...

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Blogosphere: Senate Transport Bill Clears Committee

DC Streetsblog

While their colleagues in the House were debating more than 80 amendments to a transportation bill, members of the Senate Banking Committee were quietly passing their two-year transit bill with - get this - unanimous bipartisan support. ..

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Blogosphere: House Moves to Decimate Transit Funds

DC Streetsblog

In a move that should dispel any remaining thoughts that the House transportation bill [PDF] will ever be signed into law, the Ways and Means Committee announced today that they will try to forbid gas tax revenue from funding transit...

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Blogosphere: Your Prius Will Bankrupt Our Highways

The Atlantic Cities

On Tuesday, House Republicans unveiled a highway spending bill stuffed full of red meat for their conservative base -- a Chipotle steak burrito wrapped in legislative language. It would bring the Keystone XL Pipeline back from the grave...

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Blogosphere: Lukewarm Reception to HOT Lanes

The Atlantic Cities

American cities are years away, at best, from adopting congestion pricing programs on downtown streets, like those used in Stockholm and London. But road pricing has been in effect on various metropolitan area highways since the mid-1990s. ..

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Blogosphere: Retire With Your Own Little Toll Bridge

Getting From Here to There

The BBC reported on a toll bridge in Herefordshire that was recently purchased. That's not so unusual, but it was bought by a fellow who will retire on the property and hang around to collect the tolls motorists pay...

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Blogosphere: Oregon Reps Make Displeasure Known

Bike Portland

Oregon Congressmen Earl Blumenauer and Peter DeFazio are pulling no punches when it comes to leveling criticism at the House transportation bill that was released yesterday...

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Blogosphere: Planning Democracy Depends on Civility

Huffington Post SF

Since the beginning days of our democracy, the traditional town hall meeting has been the place where people sat in uncomfortable chairs raising hands, waiting their turn to speak their mind. It's crowdsourcing face to face, problem-solving together...

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Blogosphere: Lexington Becoming an "Urban County"

The Lexington Streetsweeper

I heard a conversation today where the participants, clearly very pro PDR (that is Lexington's Purchase of Development Rights program) spoke of the council representation for the 12th district...

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Blogosphere: A New Way to Promote TOD

Regional Plan Association

Connecticut's transit system, already one of the busiest in the country, is about to expand with the addition of the New Britain-Hartford Busway and New Haven-Springfield Commuter Rail...

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Blogosphere: Vienna Ranked Worlds Smartest City

The City Fix

We previously wrote about the most livable cities in the world and the most innovative solutions to make cities more livable. Now we bring you the smartest cities in the world, courtesy of Boyd Cohen of Co.EXIST...

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Blogosphere: Obama's Housing Plan, Piece by Piece

NHC Open House

President Obama's announcement of his housing plan was welcome, but it includes more pieces than brief news coverage necessarily notices. Secretary Donovan provided much helpful detail in his remarks, and the fact sheet is a good reference...

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Blogosphere: How Indianapolis Became "Sports City" 

The Urbanophile

I have long touted the sports strategy that Indianapolis used to revitalize its downtown as a model for cities to follow in terms of strategy led economic and community development...

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Blogosphere: Two Cities Can Be Better Than One

Per Square Mile

Cities were, for thousands of years, distinct and easily identifiable entities. You were either in the city or in the country. Medieval cities took this to the extreme, building walls to make explicit the distinction...

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Blogosphere: Enviro Building Blocks of Happiness

NRDC Switchboard

As regular readers may remember, I am fascinated by the relationship of our cities, and the way they are configured, to our mental and emotional well-being. The relationship of urban form to physical health is finally getting some of the attention it deserves..

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Blogosphere: City County/County City

Urban Places and Spaces

The work of Myron Orfield, author of Metropolitics, has shaped some of my thinking about metropolitan government. Orfield focuses in part on tax harmonization...

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Blogosphere: Power of the Pop Up Storefront

Fast Company

Amid the prolonged economic downturn, Main Streets the world over are dealing with empty-shop syndrome. This is a struggle--but also an opportunity for reinvention. ..

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Blogosphere: Rescuing Slums in Latin America


The Christmas inauguration of a giant outdoor escalator to Medellín's notorious slum Comuna Treze is an admirable continuation of recent efforts across Latin America to reduce the immense divide between the prosperous parts of its cities and the vast dire slums...

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Blogosphere: Austin Gets Zero Energy Suburb


How do you build a (nearly) net-zero-energy suburb in 2008, at the nadir of the economic crash, when no bank in the country is convinced you'll be able to sell your more energy-efficient but pricier homes?..

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