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Blogosphere: Boston's Hubway Bike Share, Luxurious Subway Ride, Highways To Suburbs, Poverty & Urbanization, Amoeba Shaped Cities

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Blogosphere: USDOT Talks Map 21


ULI infrastructure leaders had the opportunity September 6 to speak with Beth Osborne, USDOT deputy secretary for transportation policy, about the new transportation law and what it means for urban areas...

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Blogosphere:  Hubway Bike Share Makes Boston Better 

DOT Fastlane

We know that innovative partnerships can deliver tremendous benefits. Regional partnerships have proven successful in many of DOT's TIGER projects...

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Blogosphere: World's Most Luxurious Subway Ride

The Atlantic Cities

Public transportation is rarely described as decadent, even though it is a luxury enjoyed by most city dwellers. Urban environments lend themselves to commuter trains and bus routes, helping millions of people arrive at their destination, albeit not always on time...

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Blogosphere: Obama's Suburban Highway Comment

Washington Post

Last night, the Daily Caller unearthed a 2007 speech by Barack Obama in New Hampshire that was deemed a "bombshell."..

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Blogosphere: Poverty & Urbanization Demand Attention

Guardian UK

The share of poverty in the developing world that is located in urban areas has jumped from 17% to 28% in the past 10 years. In eastern Asia, nearly half of all poverty is found in urban locations (pdf), while in sub-Saharan Africa the urban share of poverty is 25%...

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Blogosphere: Gordon Levitt Laments LA Transit Death

Los Angeles Magazine (via @carterrubin)

I am a third-generation Angeleno. My grandpa grew up in South-Central, and my grandma grew up in Boyle Heights. When they were young, South-Central was a Jewish ghetto, and Western was the western edge of L.A...

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Blogosphere: Amoeba Shaped Cities Likely to Bankrupt?


Recently, it's been suggested that the collapse of the Ponzi scheme of spending and taxing inherent in sprawling development patterns may be responsible for pushing municipalities to the brink of bankruptcy...

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Blogosphere: Innovative Multi-Use Infrastructure


New York City is certainly willing to pay top dollar for excellent design. A new $3 billion water treatment plant is taking shape in Van Cortlandt park in the Bronx...

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Blogosphere: Buffalo Bayou Getting Some National Love

Houston Press

Who knew we in Houston were sitting on such a gold mine of urban planning? A lot of us, actually, especially the ones who take time out to enjoy Buffalo Bayou...

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