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Blogosphere: CAHSR Funding Move, Dallas Highway Toll, France's Tramways, Rio's First BRT Corridor, Urban Lunch

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Blogosphere: State Senate May Try to Move HSR Funds


The LA Times' Ralph Vartabedian reports that anti-HSR State Senators may try to move the HSR funds out of the Central Valley, even though the current HSR proposal includes billions in funds for both the Bay Area and Southern California in addition to starting HSR construction in the Valley:..

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Blogosphere: What If Our Problem is Too Many Cars?

Dallas Morning News Transportation Blog

We're expecting to hear this week perhaps from TxDOT on its answer to the mayor of Dallas about the costs and benefits of building the Trinity River toll road compared to instead improving the existing highways in downtown Dallas...

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Blogosphere: Automakers Grapple with Urbanization


In a discussion at the Automotive News Europe Congress in Monte Carlo last week, panelists said the trend towards urbanization will require making cars part of a larger eco-system of transportation...

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Blogosphere: Early Travel Flow Maps

Urban Models, Spatial Complexity

n researching for my talk at Peter Hall's 80th Birthday Symposium this coming Monday in UCL's Darwin Lecture Theatre, I came across Raymond Unwin's book Town Planning in Practice - An Introduction to the Art of Designing Cities and Suburbs (Fisher-Unwin, London) first published in 1909...

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Blogosphere: France's Commitment to Tramways

Transport Politic

Last weekend, the city of Brest, on the far western coast of France, opened its new tramway, a 14.3-km (8.9-mile) line that connects the center city to the west and northeast. 50,000 daily riders are expected in a city of about 140,000 inhabitants...

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Blogosphere: Rio Opens First BRT Corridor

The City Fix

As world leaders gather to address global sustainability at the Rio+20 Conference, the summit's host city, Rio de Janeiro, just undertook its own green initiative- it launched its first bus rapid transit (BRT) corridor...

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Blogosphere: Lunch, an Urban Invention

Edible Geography

Lunch may be the second meal of the day today, but it was the last of the three daily meals to rise above its snack origins to achieve that status...

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Blogosphere: Redevelopment vs Regeneration

Helm of the Public Realm

I received my urban design and planning education in England, which sometimes leads to little, yet awkward, misunderstandings. It has been a slight challenge to get comfortable in the drastic differences between the two planning systems, but mostly I have made peace with the translations...

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Blogosphere: Denver's Single Family Homes by Decade

Denver Urbanism

In this special DenverUrbanism series exploring the geographic and architectural attributes of Denver's single-family homes, we've arrived at the 1970s. For previous installments, please use the links below:..

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Blogosphere: What is Making China Fat?

The Atlantic Cities

Mariela Alfonzo just got back from a three-week trip to China, where she's been researching walkability in the rapidly expanding megalopolises of Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. And a lot of what she saw wasn't exactly pedestrian-friendly...

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Blogosphere: Don't Count on Young to Buy Your House

Price Tags

Despite potential increases in new construction, most of the houses that seniors will release in coming years were built when energy was inexpensive, nuclear families were the rule, incomes were increasing for most Americans, and mortgages were generally predictable and easy to obtain...

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Blogosphere: A Showground for Sustainability

Urban Times

In terms of carbon costing is it better to sustainably retrofit existing housing stock or build from scratch? This was a question that came during a visit to the BRE (Building Research Establishment) Innovation Park near Watford...

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Blogosphere: A Guidebook for the Urban Age

Atlantic Cities

The city is both ambiguous and defined, with endless quirks but also finite borders. It's housing and politics and slang and disease and a zillion other things, a fractal-like creature that becomes more complex the closer you look...

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Blogosphere: HOAs and Anti Children Policies

Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space

The heralded new urbanist development Stapleton, in the Denver metropolitan area, is proposing rules against children doing "chalk art" on sidewalks, because some residents find it offensive. See "Sidewalk Chalk Art Against The Rules In Stapleton" from CBS4 Denver...

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Blogosphere: Washington Hears About Flint, Michigan

Next American City

Dan Kildee, former county treasurer of auto-industry-decimated Flint, Mich., is running for Congress. Kildee, a Democrat and co-founder of the Center for Community Progress, is best known for embracing the somewhat uncomfortable idea that the old joke about the last one out of Detroit should turn out the lights is actually smart policy...

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