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Blogosphere: Calif. Parking Fight, Transit Network Primers, Car Sharing Economics, Bike Sharing Savings, Inclusionary Zoning

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California: Shoup Rips California APA on Parking

Streetsblog LA

"Donald Shoup is an academic authority on parking and its effects on transportation, land use, cities, the economy, and the environment," said the American Institute of Certified Planners in 2004 when it inducted Professor Shoup as a Fellow, the highest honor of the American Planning Association (APA)...

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Blogosphere: Can Primers Reduce Network Design Grief 

Human Transit

Greater Vancouver's transit agency TransLink has now published something called the Managing the Network Primer [Download PDF] and has a new webpage devoted to this and similar themes. It's a simple explanation of why effective transit networks are designed a certain way. ..

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Blogosphere: Love Car Sharing, Just Don't Invest

Amateur Planner

Car sharing is great. It's not applicable to every market (i.e. it works better in Boston than Houston) and in the short term, outside of dense cities with pricey parking it will be a niche product...

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Blogosphere: A Canadian Bikes to Rio


Thousands of people from around the world have converged on Rio de Janeiro this week for the Earth Summit, a mammoth conference aimed at creating a green economy for the globe. But I can count on one hand the people who got here by bicycle. One finger, actually...

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Blogosphere: Bike Share Users Save Big Says Survey

Commuter Page Blog

Capital Bikeshare members save an average of $891 per year and collectively reduce their driving miles by 5 million per year. These are just some of the findings from an extensive report released today regarding the annual survey of members of the regional bikesharing program...

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Blogosphere: Philly Takes Stage at Rio Summit

Next American City

It's not common to go to an international conference and hear Philadelphia cited as one of the most forward-thinking global cities. But a joint initiative between the U.S. and Brazil has helped put Philly on an international stage...

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Blogosphere: Econs Should Cheer Inclusionary Zoning

Greater Greater Washington

Is inclusionary zoning just another inefficient government subsidy? Not at all. It's actually a clever program that creates some permanent affordable housing and also builds political support for more density...

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Blogosphere: How Did We Get Ecuador?

New York Times Borderlines

A Spanish version of those lines is inscribed on a plaque affixed to the exterior of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Quito, the capital of Ecuador. The boast seems disproportionate to that city's size and importance...

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Blogosphere: Calculate if You Can Afford the Move

Minnesota Post

"Drive until you qualify." That's been the mantra for house hunters down through the ages. Supposedly, the further a house sits from a city center, the less it costs -- and the greater the likelihood that a would-be owner can nab a mortgage...

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Blogosphere: Would TOD Segregation Reduce Poverty

Seattle Land Use Code

A twenty-two year old article from the American Journal of Sociology entitled "American Apartheid" written by Douglas Massey sheds some interesting light on the topic of racial segregation in cities and the economic impacts of segregation...

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Blogosphere: Is Ethnic Proportion a Laudable TOD Goal?


Puget Sound Sage, a community based labor organization, recently released a report on the impact of light rail on poor communities of color in the Rainier Valley. The report has been given mixed reviews by the Seattle Transit Blog's Martin Duke and my former colleague at Sightline Eric De Place...

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Blogosphere: Homeownership and Growth in Recession

Drawing Rings

There has been a bit of a discussion going round about the link between home ownership rates and national prosperity - see Marginal Revolution, Matt Yglesias and Melbourne Urbanist...

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Blogosphere: Reno Just Wants to Be Normal

The Atlantic Cities

Throughout its history, Reno, Nevada, has paid the price for sticking with one thing too long. The city first came into existence as a place for gold seekers to rest, eat and restock their supplies, only to see gold mining dry up...

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Blogosphere: The Birth of Zoning Codes

The Atlantic Cities

The story of American zoning is really the story of how Americans learned to legislate their NIMBY impulses. Before zoning, cities mostly regulated what could be built through nuisance laws...

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