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Blogosphere: California Vs. Ride-Sharing & Taxi Startups, Road Funding Reform, PPP & Fed Role, Charlotte Rail Benefit

Blogosphere - In this section you'll find commentary, opinion and editorials from blogs and newspapers around the country. The opinions expressed in these blogs do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Reconnecting America.

Blogosphere: California PUC Cites Innovative Cabs

Tech Crunch (via MTC News Headlines) 

The California Public Utilities Commission has taken its next step against a new breed of transportation startups in San Francisco, issuing citations and leveling fines against the likes of ride-sharing services Lyft and SideCar, as well as on-demand car and taxi startup Uber...

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Blogosphere: Save the Earth, Drive Your Car

Streetsblog DC

Remember those wizards of counter-intuition, the Freakonomics guys? You know, the ones who told their audience that it's safer to drive drunk than to walk drunk?..

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Blogosphere: Road Funding Reformed


A former student sends me to Peter Samuel @ TOLLROADSnews, who has a very nice rant (as with many things I post, I don't necessarily agree with it): Road funding reformed - dedicate fuel taxes to deficit reduction: ..

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Blogosphere: Should the Feds Have PPP Special Unit

Next American City

Among the first six policy proposals released this week as part of the Brookings Institution's series on reviving metro economies, one of the more interesting calls for the federal government to establish a national unit supporting public-private partnerships...

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Blogosphere: Montgomery Builds BRT Hostile Roads

Greater Greater Washington

Montgomery County's transportation policy is descending toward inco­herence. Policymakers want to put dedicated Bus Rapid Transit lanes on the county's highways. Yet they continue to prioritize expensive projects that will increase car volumes on those same roads...

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Blogosphere: Will Shuster Continue Bike/Ped Attacks

DC Streetsblog

While you might not agree with him that privatization is the best medicine for a struggling passenger rail program, by most accounts Rep. Bill Shuster (R-PA) has a genuine interest in the future of rail in America...

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Blogosphere: Lessons from the South End, Rail's Benefit

The Naked City

A local television station yesterday did a short feature on the South End neighborhood in Charlotte. If you click here, you'll see my colleague Bill McCoy, the director emeritus of the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute, describe how the area has changed...

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Blogosphere: Recession's Toll on Disadvantaged  

The Atlantic Cities

As we move into a spiky world dominated by cities, the winners and losers are becoming ever clearer. Cities show dramatic geographic divides by class, and some American metros have levels of inequality comparable to those in the poorest nations in the world...

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Blogosphere: Housing Near Transit Creates Communities

NRDC Switchboard

Sustainability. We use that word to describe enhanced quality of life in communities characterized by "smart growth" development. A key component of sustainability is better transportation, which means people have more choices for mode of travel than just by car...

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Blogosphere: DC is Weird, in Charts

Washington City Paper

Mayor Vince Gray opened his presentation of his administration's new five-year economic development strategy yesterday with a word of enthusiasm to his audience: "I think you'll be absolutely thrilled. I mean, look at all these charts!"..

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Blogosphere: Cities are Growing but Sprawl Continues

Housing Perspectives

The 2010 decennial Census provided new data to look at urban growth patterns over the past decade, enabling us to update our views on the latest trends in suburban sprawl and movement 'back to the cities'...

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Blogosphere: Providence Knows Nothing


Sage Journals gave away a month of all their journal articles free in October. Thanks to a ping from Richard Layman, I got in near the end and downloaded some good stuff from Urban Studies...

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Blogosphere: US Building Going Green for a Profit


As the construction industry dusts off its tools post-recession, green building is on the rise. But the reasoning behind the boom looks less pure than you might think...

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Blogosphere: What Cities Will Lose From Fiscal Cliff

The Atlantic Cities

If there's one thing Republicans and Democrats agree on about the fiscal cliff, it's that going over it would be a huge mistake for the country. Unfortunately that's the only thing they seem to agree on, which leaves them at least one thing shy of actually avoiding disaster on January 2...

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