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Blogosphere: Cincy Streetcar Groundbreaking, Trip Chaining, State Transport Funding, Urbanism & Crime, Live-Work Economics, Suburban Urganism

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Blogosphere: Celebrating Streetcar Groundbreaking

Urban Cincy

On what turned out to be virtually perfect weather for Cincinnati in mid-February, hundreds of people gathered to celebrate the official groundbreaking of the Cincinnati Streetcar this past Friday...

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Blogosphere: Trip Chaining

Pedestrian Observations

Gendered Innovations' charts of trip chaining and gender breakdown of public transit riders got me thinking about how different systems of transportation handle a mixture of short and long trips...

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Blogosphere: How States Control Transport Funding

David King

The proposed (and DOA) House transportation spending bill has lots of people thinking about the federal role in transport funding. In short, the US House bill eliminates federal transit support and allocates the gas tax to roads...

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Blogosphere: Rebranding Buses and Bikes

SERA Architects Blog

Hot off the press over at Fast Company Design is an article by the Danish design group, Skibsted Ideation, titled, "How Do You Wean People Off Cars? By Rebranding Bikes And Buses."..

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Blogosphere: Create Transit TIFIA and Put Under HUD

Urban Ethics and Theory

The federal case for transit is: Transit is good for urban development. It's a civil rights issue in US regions. We are committed to it the same way we are committed to schools and natural areas...

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Blogosphere: The High Cost of Speed


In real-estate terms, that is. Steve Mouzon picks up Charles Marohn's theme: Auto-oriented design produces a lousy return on investment. It's wasteful - and we can't afford it. ..

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Blogosphere: New Urbanism Making Crime Easier?

New Geography

Since the early 20th century, the almost universal adoption of the automobile by US residents has had a profound impact on how we plan and design communities. The widespread use of the auto not only spurred development outside of traditional urban centers, it minimized the need to blend multiple land uses into compact areas...

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Blogosphere: More Important, Jobs or Sports Teams?

Next American City

We witnessed two blockbuster deals for Seattle and the region last week. One, the proposal to build a multi-use sports and entertainment venue in the SoDo neighborhood, captured the imagination of sports fans everywhere...

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Blogosphere: Can Live Work Save Working Class?

Better Cities and Towns

Late last year, Mike Pyatok, whose firm, Pyatok Architects in Oakland, California specializes in multifamily and affordable housing, was interviewed by Builder Online about the subject of live-work...

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Blogosphere: Multi-Family Mueller Houses

Austin Contrarian

I like the variety of housing types at Mueller (although I'm not crazy about the ratio of single-family to multi-family). These in particular illustrate a kind of housing Austin needs:..

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Blogosphere: Suburban Urbanism is Really Hard

Austin Contrarian

Back in 1998, Cedar Park adopted a comprehensive plan that set aside 42 acres of land along Highway 183 for a mixed-use, village-like town center. They imagined something like this:..

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Blogosphere: 1970's Era Office Towers

The Atlantic Cities

There's a particular flavor of 1970s-era office tower that's starting to feel its age. Your city probably has at least one...

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Blogosphere: Lewisville's Waterfront Park

City Parks Blog

Louisville's Waterfront Park is an award winning and popular community greenspace situated on 85 acres along the Ohio River...

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Blogosphere: Crazy Jurisdictional Borders

NRDC Switchboard

We're looking at a satellite image of Netherlands countryside surrounding the Dutch town of Baarle-Nassau, home to just under 7,000 residents. (Note the relative absence of sprawl to muck up the farmland.)..

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Blogosphere: Odd Existence of Point Roberts

Atlantic Cities

Wandering Google Maps can reveal magical geographies. When preparing for a recent first-time trip to Vancouver, I started zooming in and out and around the area to see what the surroundings are like...

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