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Blogosphere: Cycle Superhighways, Visions For SF Market St, Oakland BRT OK, Getting BRT Right, 3 Types Of TOD

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Blogosphere: Worldwide Cycle Superhighways

The City Fix

City planners in Copenhagen launched a new "cycle superhighway" in April, extending from the western suburb of Albertslund into the city proper. This route is the first of 26 planned routes set to comprise a 300-kilometer (186-mile) system...

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Blogosphere: Cities Shop Early Visions for Market Street

SF Streetsblog

Planners presented early concepts for a new Market Street to the public yesterday, moving the discussion forward on revitalizing San Francisco's grand boulevard with features like car-free zones, raised bike lanes, faster transit, and more inviting public spaces...

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Blogosphere: Final Approval Given for Oakland BRT

SF Streetsblog

The Oakland City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved the 9.5-mile East Bay Bus Rapid Transit line that will run from downtown Oakland to San Leandro. The vote in Oakland follows a similar approval by San Leandro's City Council on Monday...

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Blogosphere: The Real Journey for HSR Starts Now


An epic battle over the California high-speed rail project ended with a nail-biter on July 6, when the state senate got exactly the 21 votes needed to move ahead with funding the first segment of the project...

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Blogosphere: Do BRT Right and It Won't Get Killed

Next American City

The growth in popularity of bus rapid transit (BRT) in the U.S. is providing American cities with an important public transit option that has already been shown to reduce congestion and improve quality of life for urban residents around the world...

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Blogosphere: The Three Types of TOD

Wake Up, Washtenaw!

I've been visiting a wide variety of cites, looking at their transit with an eye on their Transit Oriented Development (TOD). Some of these cities have had transit - specifically rail transit - "forever"; others started several decades ago...

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Blogosphere: The Chicago Challenge

Urban Milwaukee

Could a closer connection with Chicago boost Milwaukee's economy? A recent study by the the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, a global economic think tank based in Paris, has found the Chicago-Milwaukee "metroplex" underperforms economically..

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Blogosphere: Future of US Redevelopment from China?

The Atlantic Cities

If there is a silver lining from our economic roller coaster, it's that crisis often begets innovation, even in areas like real estate financing...

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