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Blogosphere: Dallas TOD Promises, Transit Funding, Bus Frequency, Cost Bundling, Bike Transportation

Blogosphere - In this section you'll find commentary, opinion and editorials from blogs and newspapers around the country. The opinions expressed in these blogs do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Reconnecting America.

Commentary: Development Promise Along Green Line

Dallas Morning News

This newspaper has not hesitated to express exasperation at the disappointing trend in overall ridership on DART's light-rail network. Then there is the rest of the story...

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Blogosphere: How We Talk About Funding Transit

Next American City

After months of compromise and deliberation, Congress reauthorized the Surface Transportation law this month with just enough to keep both sides satisfied but neither elated...

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Blogosphere: Our Transportation Funding Disconnect


Tolls of between $2.50 and $3.50 will likely be needed to support the $3.2 billion cost of a new Seattle tunnel project. But a new study finds that at those rates, 42 percent of the tunnel's users would likely avoid the tunnel, choking downtown streets with 9,100 additional cars during the daily commute...

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Blogosphere: Frequency 101 in Marin

The Greater Marin

Though Marin has done a really fine job with what bus resources it has - indeed, its service puts Washington, DC's suburban service to shame - it doesn't do justice to its geographic blessings, or the transit-oriented towns it serves...

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Blogosphere: Cost Bundling

Pedestrian Observations

It's common to bundle multiple construction projects into one, either to save money or to take advantage of a charismatic piece of infrastructure that can fund the rest...

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Blogosphere: US Far Away from Driverless Trains

The Atlantic Cities

With Google priming Nevada to be the first state to allow driverless cars on its roads, transit fans could be forgiven for asking: Where are the driverless trains?..

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Blogosphere: A Bicycle Built for Transportation

Urban Indy

US cities have a long history of bicycling, and Indianapolis is no exception. However, much of the attention over the past few decades has focused on bicycles as recreation, instead of transportation...

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Blogosphere: A Different Future with HSR in California

Transport Politic

Last week, America's future in high-speed rail took a modest step forward. On Thursday, California's State Assembly approved by a 51 to 27 margin the release of $2.5 billion in state bonds for the construction of a 130-mile segment of 220-mph tracks through the Central Valley...

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Editorial: Struggling in the Suburbs

New York Times

Hardship has built a stronghold in the American suburbs. Whatever image they had as places of affluence and stability was badly shaken last year, when reports analyzing the 2010 census made it clear that the suburbs were getting poorer. ..

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Blogosphere: NYC's Billboard Technical Difficulties

The Atlantic Cities

These subway-advertisement defacements would probably steam the crabapples of marketing execs more than usual, as they often suggest that the products themselves are crap...

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Blogosphere: Arrested Urban Development

Joe Urban

It seems there has been a lot in the media lately about demand for urban living. Every where you look there is a study indicating cities are in demand and suburbs are on the outs. It may already be happening - if you believe the Brookings Institution, cities are "thriving" and suburbs are "sputtering."...

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