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Blogosphere: DC Privatized Streetcar, Bottineau LRT Route, Ignoring Transit Benefits, Race & TOD

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Blogosphere: DC Explores Semi-Privatized Streetcar

Washington City Paper

Well, this could be a way to build a massive infrastructure project without busting the city's budget: The District Department of Transportation is asking for ideas on how to bring in private capital for a 22-mile chunk of the original 37-mile streetcar system, and build it over the next five to seven years...

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Blogosphere: Denver's Streetcars Retraced


To the stroller-pushing mommies and patio-side drinkers who lined West 32nd Avenue on Sunday afternoon, it probably looked like just another Cruiser ride, as thirty folks on bikes trekked up the Highland hills in Sunday's 100-degree heat...

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Blogosphere: Bottineau LRT, Not Right Route Yet?

Minnesota Post

Like a car caught in a rush-hour traffic jam, the proposal for a new west-metro light rail route will nudge ahead on Tuesday afternoon. That's when the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners (meeting as the Regional Rail Authority) votes to approve the LPA, or Locally Preferred Alternative, for the Bottineau Transitway..

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Blogosphere: The Problem with Transit

Metropolis Magazine

If people still smoke despite knowing that smoking can kill them, why do we think that people will stop driving their cars just because they know it's bad for the environment? This simple question was put to transportation planners everywhere by CarlosFelipe Pardo, a transportation policy specialist with a degree in psychology...

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Blogosphere: Does Competitiveness Really Matter?

Seattle Transit Blog

"Competitiveness" is commonly used when we want to describe how transit matches up with other modes, particularly the automobile. The value of transit competitiveness can be quantified in different ways, but travel time is most often used as the proxy...

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Blogosphere: Terraced Housing in England

Stephen Rees

There has been quite a lot of interest here recently about terraced housing - what the real estate agents here call "town homes". Others have been blogging about the need for these to be sold on a fee simple basis rather than the strata title that is currently used in BC...

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Blogosphere: Economizing and Downsizing Landmarks

American Dirt

When navigating through an unfamiliar place, either urban or rural, we tend to seek visual points of reference to aid us in further wayfinding. ..

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Blogosphere: Race and TOD Discussion Continues

Seattle Land Use Code

On Friday I had a very direct and honest discussion with Rebecca Saldana of Puget Sound Sage, the author of Transit Oriented Development That's Healthy Green and Just...

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Blogosphere: Bogota's Pop Up Libraries


Reading fans in Colombia, especially the capital city of Bogota, never need to worry about being without a book on a beautiful day. There are nearly 50 of these perfect little library kiosks scattered around the city's parks, and 100 across the country...

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Blogosphere: Honeybees and Gang Related Crime

Atlantic Cities

There is a mathematical model in the field of theoretical ecology that describes how honeybees and chimpanzees and lions divide up space...

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