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Blogosphere: DC Streetcar Task Force, Rio BRT, H+T Expense > Income, Urban Farms, Taxes & TOD Gentrification

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Blogosphere: Mayor Announces Streetcar Task Force


With Trinidadsome nearby residents playing the historic-preservation card to delay or entirely avert the creation of a car barn for the planned streetcar system at Spingarn Senior High School, Mayor Vince Gray today announced the D.C. government's favorite bureaucratic move to study the future of new transportation system...

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Blogosphere: BTS Marks 20 Years of Data Service

DOT Fastlane

Transportation statistics and the people who collect and organize them don't often make the front page. But the fact is, solid, relevant data is a critical part of building a 21st century transportation system. After all, you can't make data-driven decisions if you don't have data...

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Blogosphere: Moving Forward In Rio with BRT

The City Fix

Our Health and Road Safety Team trekked south to Rio de Janeiro last month, to inspect the recently opened Transoeste BRT. EMBARQ has been working closely with Rio's BRT authority since the project's inception..

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Blogosphere: Housing + Transpo Expenses > Incomes

NHC Open House

Policymakers increasingly understand that the true cost of a home is not just the mortgage (or rent) plus utilities. When you select a home, you also take on the transportation costs tied to that location...

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Blogosphere: When Urban Farms Get Too Big


Environmentalists have grown used to thinking of urban agriculture as something that occurs on pinched vacant lots in former industrial towns. But as farms of 20 acres or more start appearing in more cities, their owners are reworking the definition of "urban farm," and causing some agtivists to question whether bigger really is better...

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Blogosphere: Transit and Place

Pedestrian Observations

There is a large class of transit supporters who think that every right-of-way that can be used for transit should be preserved for this purpose, even if it is not very useful. ..

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Blogosphere: Could Tax Reform Stop TOD Gentrification


Jeff Jamawat looks at the promise of a nuanced approach to tax reform being tested in 17 local jurisdictions in Pennsylvania to head off the spiral of rising prices and displacement instigated by the construction of transit infrastructure...

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Blogosphere: Assessing Green Cities and Housing

Lincoln House

Scholars and practitioners will assess the record of energy efficiency in housing and cities at the conference Present & Retrospect: The Work of John M. Quigley October 22-23 at the Sheraton Commander Hotel in Cambridge...

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Blogosphere: Designing Systems Scientifically

Per Square Mile

A couple of months ago, I was talking with a friend about design. Well, really, about the scope of design. Many designers tend to think in terms of discrete objects-a chair, a phone, a building...

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Blogosphere: Urbanization Not Better Economy

Atlantic Cities

The standard line of thought is that movement to cities correlates with more wealth, but while that works for developing countries in Asia, it doesn't apply to Africa, as these charts from the World Bank show...

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Blogosphere: Decline of the Family, More Singles


Joel Kotkin and some associates recently released a study they did for Singapore looking at changes in family dynamics in the modern era. Called "The Rise of Post-Familialism: Humanity's Future?" it examines the data around the decline of the family..

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Blogosphere: Aerial Photo Time Machines

Atlantic Cities

The state of Connecticut boasts a historical snapshot that few parts of the country can match of life before World War II, before the Interstate Highway System, before the advent of suburbia as we know it...

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