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Blogosphere: Denmark's Bus Ad, Unnecessary Streets, Central Ohio BRT Plans, Cutting City Costs, Walmart Vs. Small Businesses

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Blogosphere: Epic Bus Advertisement (Video)

Greater Greater Washington

We mentioned this at the bottom of a Breakfast Links this week, but it's worth highlighting more directly. This ad, for Denmark's Midtraffik bus service, takes transit advertising to a new level:..

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Commentary: Beginning of End for Streetcar?


Everything was going the streetcar's way. As a redevelopment tool, it received major boosts from other developer subsidies. The Pearl and South Waterfront barely functioned and ownership was concentrated in few hands. The economy thrived and urban renewal agencies with tax increment financing weren't so controversial...

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Blogosphere: Congestion, Vitality Elude Kansas City


Chuck Marohn opines on the oddly empty, and unnecessarily wide, streets of Kansas City, Missouri. With no traffic to speak of, Marohn argues that by building roads simply to move cars quickly, "We're fighting a beast that does not exist."..

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Blogosphere: COTA Brt Plans

Xing Columbus

It's been well over a year since I wrote anything about COTA's proposed Cleveland Avenue bus rapid transit (BRT) line. In that post, COTA had just announced the study and I was speculating about what would be included...

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Blogosphere: Nobody Likes Riding American Comm Rail

Pedestrian Observations

In New York, two neighborhoods at the edge of the city have both subway and commuter rail service: Wakefield and Far Rockaway. Wakefield has 392 inbound weekday Metro-North boardings, and 4,955 weekday subway boardings...

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Blogosphere: Two Approaches to Cutting City Costs

The Atlantic Cities

City governments have had a tough go in recent years. When the housing market crashed, many saw deep cuts to one their main sources of revenue - property taxes...

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Blogosphere: Capital Hill Station Development Plan


Earlier this week, Sound Transit gave reporters a sneak peek at its plans for transit-oriented development (i.e., dense, mixed-use buildings) at the new, under-construction Capitol Hill light rail station...

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Blogosphere: How Walmart Displaces Small Biz

The Atlantic Cities

In 2006, months before a Walmart store was opened in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago's West side, researchers counted 306 businesses in the surrounding area. Two years after the Walmart opened, 82 of those businesses had closed...

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Blogosphere: Should Transit Policy be Housing Too?

Getting from Here to There

The article provides some details about affordable housing that has been built, including 1,222 affordable units near rail transit stops. While affordable housing is a absolutely a good thing--people need quality places to live--a larger question is whether the regional transit provider is the proper agency to supply it...

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Blogosphere: Hospitals, To Sprawl or Not to Sprawl

Rust Wire

The last few times I have visited my home state of Indiana, I have noticed a number of new hospitals recently opened or being constructed along the I-69 corridor in the Indianapolis and Fort Wayne regions...

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Blogosphere: Property Taxes Untapped Revenue Source

The Atlantic Cities

In the sidewalk cafes of Paris, people jam the tables, nursing coffee and kir. If global financial trauma has bludgeoned the French capital, it's not obvious. But clues are there, if you look closely...

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Blogosphere: Measuring Cities Beyond GDP

This Big City

On Wednesday I had the opportunity, along with editors from Cities the Magazine, Global Urbanist and Urban Times, to talk with Harry Veerhar - Head of Global Public & Government Affairs at Philips...

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