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Blogosphere: Densest Place On Earth, Istanbul's Sprawl, Narrow Streets Project, Health & Urban Design, Rural Transit

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Blogosphere: Ford Had No Authority to Cancel Plans

Steve Munro

Today's Star reports that a legal opinion obtained by Councillor Joe Mihevc, former Vice-Chair of the TTC in the Miller administration, states that Mayor Ford had no authority under the laws governing the City of Toronto to cancel Transit City...

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Blogosphere: The Densest Place on Earth

Price Tags

Originally built as a Chinese military fort, the Kowloon Walled City became a residential enclave after the New Territories were released to Britain in 1898. The population boom occurred after World War II, when the Japanese occupation drove prostitution, gambling, and drug use out of downtown Hong Kong and into Kowloon...

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Blogosphere: Satellite of Istanbul's Sprawl


Recently released satellite photos of Istanbul provide striking visual evidence of what building more roads can do to a city -- and the results aren't very pretty...

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Blogosphere: The Really Narrow Streets Project

Market Urbanism

In Maine, a group of residents are hoping to start a new community based on the principles of urban design advocated by Nathan Lewis at New World Economics and J.H. Crawford at

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Blogosphere: Issues with Zoning

Urban Finland

One of the main reasons why there are little options for sprawl-like development today is zoning. Or more specifically, the way we zone. A simple description of zoning is the practice of isolating land-uses into zones of their own...

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Blogosphere: "A City is Like a Family Portrait"


"A city is like a family portrait. You may not like the nose of your uncle but you don't tear up the whole family photo. You don't do this because the family portrait is you...

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Blogosphere: Health and Urban Design on PBS

DC Streetsblog

"A leading voice for better urban design for the sake of good health." "A public health/social justice hero." Dr. Richard Jackson, chair of environmental health at UCLA, is a leading voice for transportation reform whose work has linked America's sprawl to the nation's high rates of obesity...

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Blogosphere: House Bill's Bad Vibe

DC Streetsblog

There was no grand unveiling of the House's five-year transportation bill today, but a summary of the bill has been kicking around for a few days. While there aren't any hard numbers available yet, the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act looks like a return to 1950s-style transportation policy...

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Blogosphere: California AG Joins Lawsuit 

LA Streetsblog

When the San Diego Association of Governments passed its regional transportation plan, which will direct transportation spending in the region for decades, the agency hailed the plan as a national model..

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Blogosphere: Latest in Rural Public Transit Issues 

Transportation Issues Daily

The latest in best practices and research in rural public and intercity bus transportation will be the subject of the 20th National Conference on Rural Public and Intercity Bus Transportation this October...

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Blogosphere: Downtown Indy Parking Lot Map

Urban Indy

We have been trying to do a series of posts labeled Friday Fun. This week's entry is perhaps not so fun when you examine the implications, but I took a few minutes and did a 20,000 foot parking snapshot; and Im positive I've missed some spaces, but here is a rough look in a roughly downtown-ish part of Indianapolis...

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Blogosphere: Just Malls in Drag

Pegasus News

A few years ago I was consulting for a city in Nevada. They had such bad experience with past new urbanists and moreso the developers behind the new urbanists, that I wasn't allowed to use any number of buzzwords in the realm of sustainability and urbanism...

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Blogosphere: FTA Proposes Streamlining Rules

DOT Fastlane (With an RA Map!)

Earlier this week, the Federal Transit Administration proposed significant changes in the way America's major transit projects compete for federal funds. This revamped approach will speed up the New Starts process and focus more on transit options that fit local needs...

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