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Blogosphere: Detroit Regional Transit Approval, Phoenix-Tucson Rail Link, Toronto Green Line Vision, Denser Cities Smarter, Strong Core City Theory

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Blogosphere: Hybrids Not Quite as Gas Thrifty

DC Streetsblog

Consumer Reports announced Thursday that Ford was inflating the mileage on its hybrid models. Instead of getting "47 city/47 highway/47 combined mpg" as advertised, the Fusion sedan gets 35/41/39 and the new C-Max wagon gets 35/38/37...

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Blogosphere: Turning Measure J Defeat into a Victory

San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Losing the transit-oriented countywide Measure J by 0.56 percentage points even as it won 66.11 percent of the popular vote was a painful and, frankly, appalling reminder that the ghost of Howard Jarvis still hovers over California...

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Blogosphere: Roundabout Freeway for Pedestrians (Pics)


Cars are arguably the best mode of transportation for some, while others would prefer to walk. Well, in the city of Lujiazui, China- you've got the option for both. while the crazy city streets are below, a circular pathway created just for pedestrians helps those on foot to navigate safely above the traffic...

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Blogosphere: Shifting Politics Favor Detroit Transit

DC Streetsblog

On Friday, state legislators in the Michigan House of Representatives made a momentous decision to approve a regional transit system for metro Detroit...

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Commentary: Phoenix/Tucson Rail Makes Sense

Arizona Republic (via PB) 

As Arizona decision-makers wrestle with how to best move the state forward after the recession, we urge state leaders to target solutions that will reinvigorate our economy while creating a better future for our state...

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Blogosphere: New Vision for Toronto's 'Green Line'


The many organizers of the new Green Line international design competition seek visionary proposals from landscape architects, architects, designers, planners, artists that will revamp the public green space and bicycle and pedestrian access of Toronto's 3-mile-long transmission line corridor (a.k.a. hydro corridor)...

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Blogosphere: Urban Political Theory and Growth Machine

The Urbanophile

In academia, there are (at least) two competing theories of local politics. From sociology comes the "Growth Machine," which makes the point that despite seeming intra-elite competition, local political and economic elites are for the most part united on a pro-growth agenda focused on intensification of real estate..

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Blogosphere: Could Prop 13 Be on Chopping Block?

Curbed SF

Ever since California did the impossible and voted to raise taxes, Sacramento has been a-buzz with an even more impossible task: reforming Prop. 13. First Senator Mark Leno proposed legislation to amend Prop. 13, then Assemblyman Tom Ammiano reintroduced a bill to disallow commercial properties from taking advantage of the law...

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Blogosphere: Denser Cities Smarter, More Productive

The Atlantic Cities

Density is one of the most important, and at times contentious, topics in urban development. We cover it a lot here at Cities. It's clear that density plays an important role in economic growth...

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Blogosphere: Strong Core Theory of Los Angeles

The Atlantic Cities

Samuel Krueger grew up in Portland, where he enjoyed "how the streets are very active with people and shops in the downtown." He's lived in Los Angeles since 1998 and now works as a drafter for the city's Department of Water and Power...

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Blogosphere: Give Young People What They Ask For

Rust Wire

Nothing makes me roll my eyes like a civic campaign aimed at attracting young people. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a worthy cause. It's just that 90 percent of the time, the way they are executed ranges from cluelessly patronizing to counter productive to outright embarrassing...

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Blogosphere: Alcohol a Revitalization Tool?


Community developers have had, and perhaps still have, a mixed relationship with businesses that serve alcohol. On the one hand, many have struggled to bring their neighborhoods back from a time when the only businesses around where an over abundance of fast food joints, liquor stores, and bars...

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Blogosphere: City as a Master Developer

Urban Land Institute

Urbanizing suburbs face many challenges. Low-density development patterns prevail. Market forces traditionally dictate high parking ratios that consume large quantities of land and reduce land values...

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Blogosphere: How San Jose Fixed It's Pension System


Peter Constant is a tough guy. He spent 14 years on the San Jose Police Force until he suffered a career-ending injury during an undercover operation. In 2006, Constant was elected to the city council and decided to take on reforming the city's pension system...

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