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Blogosphere: Election Impact, 64.7% Yes = No In LA, Health & Urban Ecosystem, Planning In Iran, Lessons From Denmark

Blogosphere - In this section you'll find commentary, opinion and editorials from blogs and newspapers around the country. The opinions expressed in these blogs do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Reconnecting America.

Blogosphere: NACTO Conference Plenary Recap

NYU Rudin Center

Three heavy hitters in Transportation sat together on the morning of Wednesday, October 24th -Ray LaHood, USDOT secretary; Janette Sadik-Khan, NYCDOT Commissioner; and Mitchell Moss, Director of the Rudin Center for Transportation..

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Blogosphere: Election Reveals Who Will Shape Next Bill

DC Streetsblog

Yesterday's election made history on many different fronts: gay marriage, immigration, consumer protection, and more. But America also voted to maintain essentially the same balance of power in Washington that has brought about so much gridlock...

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Blogosphere: Bad Assumptions to Make Good Arguments

Cap'n Transit

Eric Morris is only the most recent wannabe transit expert to discover that empty buses aren't very efficient. His analysis is strikingly reminiscent of Tom Rubin's, but he brings to the topic a splash of condescending Freakonomics overconfidence...

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Blogosphere: Measure J's Rejection Not Anti-Transit

LA Streetsblog

Maybe a two-thirds local threshold is just too high a bar to cross, maybe the No on J Campaign did its job too well, maybe voter turnout for the top of the ticket was too low. Whatever the reason, Measure J received "only" 64.7% of the vote last night, a full 1.95% short of the two-thirds threshold it needed to pass...

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Blogosphere: Mixed Bag for Closely Watched Races

DC Streetsblog

Last night delivered some good results - and some disappointment - for transit-related ballot initiatives around the country...

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Blogosphere: Pondering Measure J's Loss

The Source

Everyone loves to analyze elections - before they happen, while they're happening and the morning after. I'm no different. In 2008, I covered Measure R for the Los Angeles Times from the outside looking in...

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Blogosphere: Mayor V for Transpo Secretary?

Keep Houston Houston

I think Ray's done a perfectly acceptable job, but Antonio is the man we need for SecTrans in the second term. With a federal infrastructure bank, METRO can accelerate the timetable on the Uptown/University lines and maybe this thing can advance out of the planning stages too...

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Blogosphere: Dan Kildee, Land Bank Man, Congressman


Whlie Michigan's 5th District may see their new Congressman, Dan Kildee, first as the nephew of their retiring 36-year current representative, Dale Kildee, the community development world is more likely to know him as the founder of the Center for Community Progress...

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Blogosphere: Urban Ecosystems Can Improve Health

The Nature of Cities

With the global urban population expected to double to around 6.5 billion by 2050, the future outlook for biodiversity can be positive, particularly if biodiversity is seen as a part of the solution to some of our most urgent development challenges...

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Blogosphere: Why Start a Twitter Chat on Planning

Global Site Plans

With the rise of Twitter chats being implemented within the fields or architecture and urban planning, and as a participant to many, I recently interviewed a few coordinators from my favorite chats:..

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Blogosphere: Ridiculous Congressional Gerrymanders


Mitt Romney made a late play for Pennsylvania. Super PACs dive-bombed the state with ads; the candidate made two stops to the state in the last 48 hours of the race...

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Blogosphere: 200 Years of Planning in Iran 

This Big City

Iran is known as one of the oldest civilisations in the world, and many of the origins of urban planning and design can be traced back the country. The Persian built environment has been a major influence in shaping an urban tradition...

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Blogosphere: Lessons From Denmark Design

City Tank

Thanks to a generous grant from the Scan|Design Foundation I've had the privilege of spending the last two months in Denmark. It was an excellent opportunity to examine, in detail, successful waterfront redevelopment in Copenhagen and elsewhere...

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Blogosphere: Big Box Threatens Promise of Belt Line

Creative Loafing

One of the goals of the Atlanta Beltline is to spur transit-oriented development in the city's urban core. Think medium-rise buildings with apartments above shops and offices, like what you might find in Inman Park and Decatur, that are served by streetcars...

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