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Blogosphere: Fed Transpo Talks, Parisian Street Design, How To Urbanize, Urban-Suburban Divide, Beltline & Gentrification

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Blogosphere: Boxer Changes Her Tone

DC Streetsblog

The transportation bill conference committee negotiations have been difficult and contentious, by all accounts - all except Senator Barbara Boxer's account. The EPW chair has been optimistic when others have been bitter, consistently focusing on how much the two sides agree rather than the places where they're still far apart...

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Blogosphere: MSNBC's Chris Hayes Bike Commute

DC Streetsblog

Here's an intriguing promo from the cable news network that's ahead of the pack when it comes to livable streets. MSNBC host Chris Hayes is pitching his show with a foreshortened look at his Brooklyn-to-Rock Center bike commute...

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Commentary: O'Toole's New Report on Streetcars

Dallas Morning News

There is not much to like about the livability movement afoot in the world of urban planning to Randal O'Toole, the beleaguered Cato Institute's transportation scholar. The very term, he suggests, should be read as "living without automobiles" and he means it like a curse word...

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Blogosphere: Opinion on Parisian Street Design

Human Transit

In addition to Métro / Bus / Tram / RER, I also walked (bien sûr) and made use of the bicycle sharing system Velib', so I was able to experience the use of street space in Paris from the perspective of several modes...

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Commentary: Streetcar Would Represent Turning Point

Sun Gazette

Through a Facebook friend of a friend, I glimpsed a picture of my daughter and her date on their way to the prom. She looked happy and beautiful. Yikes. I am reminded of teenage rites: asking for a date, fearing rejection, reaching out to hold hands, growing up...

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Blogosphere: Neighborhoods Ask How to Urbanize

The Next American City

More than a half-century after Park Road Shopping Center sprouted at what was then the southern edge of Charlotte, N.C., the Park Road-Woodlawn Road area has held up remarkably well...

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Blogosphere: APA Poll Finds Public Prefers Planning

Plan Charlotte

Amid a political environment attacking global sustainability initiatives, a new national poll by the American Planning Association released Thursday finds bipartisan support for planning, as well as belief that community planners play a key role in economic recovery...

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Blogosphere: Transcend the 'Urban/Suburban' Divide

The Polis Blog

In a recent piece for The Atlantic Cities, Emily Badger contemplates whether the place where she lives, Alexandria, Va., really counts as a suburb. Her concern, she writes, stems from lifelong aversion to the "s-word"..

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Commentary: No Talent Without Affordable Housing

Boston Globe

Many people in Massachusetts are talking about the need to attract and retain young workers, but we are hardly sending out the welcome wagon. As the Globe reported recently, the Census Bureau estimates that the number of Massachusetts homeowners between ages 25 and 34 dropped by nearly 32,000 - or 19 percent - between 2005 and 2010...

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Blogosphere: The Beltline and Gentrification

Atlanta Progressive News

The T-SPLOST--a one penny sales tax measure intended to fund transportation projects in the Metro Atlanta area--will be on Metro Atlanta ballots on July 31, 2012. One controversial project that would be funded through the T-SPLOST is the Atlanta Beltline...

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Blogosphere: Lessons from a Failed Pictogram

Humans in Design

Ever gone to the fuel pump and not known which side the fuel is on? I have. I even do it in my own car if I've been away for awhile. So I was pretty interested see the following tweet:..

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