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Blogosphere: Fiscal Bargain & Gas Tax, Portland Street Fee, NY Transit Expansion Vs. Flood Mitigation, Musical Mumbai Commute

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Blogosphere: Only 2% Get to Central London by Car

Snipe London (via @grescoe)

Remember the Evening Standard's campaign against increases to parking charges in Westminster? Endless front page headlines, leader columns and op-eds warned of thousands of job losses from Westminster's "tax on nightlife."..

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Blogosphere: Fiscal Bargain and the Gas Tax

NRDC Switchboard

The countdown to the so-called fiscal cliff is on, with President Obama and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle weighing in on the budget negotiations. If a deal gets done, many experts are rightly wondering if a gas tax hike will be part of the grand bargain...

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Blogosphere: Snyder Key to Mass Transit in Michigan


It's well known that before Rick Snyder became the governor of Michigan, he was an accountant, business executive and venture capitalist...

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Blogosphere: A Street Utility Fee in Portland?

Portland Transport

Someone let the cat out of the bag that the Portland Bureau of Transportation is beginning to explore a street utility fee, local gas tax or other revenue sources to augment or replace declining state gas tax revenues...

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Blogosphere: Bargain Between RRs & Gov Needed  

Saporta Report

The lure of creating the latest technology high-speed rail network in the United States is intoxicating. Take the 250 miles separating Atlanta and Savannah, an idea being floated by Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed to connect both cities by rail...

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Blogosphere: Protected Bike Lane Coming to Chicago

Chicago has made some real strides toward becoming a world-class cycling city since Rahm Emanuel was elected mayor, promising 100 miles of protected bike lanes and bringing on Gabe Klein as transportation commissioner...

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Blogosphere: What's Up for Post Election Transpo Policy

DC Streetsblog

If I've learned one thing from all the meetings about transportation I've covered, it's this: There is no progress without a solution on funding. Every conversation about infrastructure turns on the question of how to pay for it. As the power of the gas tax declines, can it be restored or replaced? Does the political will exist?..

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Blogosphere: Rep Schultz - Must Increase Transit $ Now

Transit Miami

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has been re-appointed head of the Democratic National Committee. This is exciting news to us at TransitMiami because just as the President was making this announcement, Gabriel Lopez-Bernal (founder of TM and now of TranSystems) and I were listening to a promising speech by the Congresswoman...

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Blogosphere: No Slowing on Sustainable Communities

DOT Fastlane

Today, our DOT headquarters hosted the Housing and Urban Development Grantee Conference, a gathering of the planners and civic leaders on the front lines of developing America's sustainable communities...

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Blogosphere: How Does Shared Space Work?

Global Site Plans

The small town of Haren, located in the northern Netherlands, was recently launched into (inter)national fame when a Project X party catalyzed riots and vandalism by partygoers; however, I first knew the place for its well-known, but similarly contentious woonerf (pl. woonerven)...

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Blogosphere: Induction Charging Comes to Buses


Say goodbye to catenary wires. Utah State University has unveiled an electric bus that charges through induction, topping off its batteries whenever it stops to pick up passengers...

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Commentary: We Need Transit System to Retail Talent

Indianapolis Star

With the holidays approaching, I find myself getting sentimental about gathering the family together. This year, however, I'm also worrying about part of my family moving away -- and about what that means for Central Indiana...

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Blogosphere: Mayor Hales New Staff Gives Optimism

Bike Portland

Mayor-elect Charlie Hales has chosen Gail Shibley to be his chief of staff. Shibley has a very impressive background of public service ranging from positions at the city, state, and federal levels...

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Blogosphere:Expansion Should Trump Flood Mitigation

Second Ave Sagas

Mayor Bloomberg - much to the chagrin of Joe Lhota - likes to opine on transit issues when, to put it delicately, the topic isn't quite his forte...

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Blogosphere: A Musical Commute in Mumbai

BMW Guggenheim Lab

We start our journey without fanfare at exactly 6:01 pm. We're sixteen minutes late leaving the third-floor office in Lower Parel, and Sunil is tense...

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Blogosphere: Transit Tax Should be Part of Debate

Keystone Politics

I'm glad to see Tom Corbett telegraphing his openness to uncapping the state gas tax to help fund transportation. That's a key part of the solution, but another idea that needs to be in the mix is dedicated regional funding for mass transit...

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Blogosphere: TOD Kept Its Value During Housing Crisis

In Transition Magazine

By the middle of 2008 it had become apparent that a trend which had dominated American life for the better part of the past century was coming to a close...

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Blogosphere: Post Olympic Housing Displacement

The Polis Blog

On Oct. 25, University College London (U.C.L.) announced that it had gained permission to proceed with a £1 billion plan to build a new campus in Stratford, home to the 2012 Olympic Games. ..

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Blogosphere: State Aid to Cities Plummets in Wisconsin

Urban Milwaukee

You might call Mayor Tom Barrett a victim of history. Most major cities in America have other ways to raise revenue besides the property tax. "It's safe to say we're one of the only cities in America that doesn't have another tax - an income or sales or gas tax," Barrett notes...

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Blogosphere: Green Mayor of Mexico City Says Goodbye

Next American City

It wasn't so long ago that Mexicans living anywhere besides the capital city would warn visitors not to venture into the country's beating heart...

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Blogosphere: Shortage of Affordable Housing in Philly 

Next American City

The amount of affordable housing available for extremely low-income people in the Philly metro area and much of Pennsylvania shrank between 2005 and 2010, leading to a shortage of more than a quarter-million units, according to a report released today by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia...

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Blogosphere: Charlotte to Expand MPO Boundary

Naked City

How sane is transportation planning in the Charlotte region? Depends, I guess, on how you define sane. Plenty of sane people take part in the planning, of course...

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Blogosphere: Fear Driving Our Zoning Debates

Greater Greater Washington

Would DC's zoning update or a small change to the Height Act bring concrete towers and crab-shaped buildings to Capitol Hill and displace all of the families? (No.) ..

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Blogosphere: China's Second Tier Cities

New Geography

Recent media attention has focused on a slowdown in China. The actual state of play in China that should be watched, though, is rather different. While residents of first and second-tier cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen can still be seen holding Louis Vuitton bags and iPhones, a significantly larger, yet less individually affluent, market has begun to rise within the country...

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Blogosphere: Landscape Architecture and Security

Metropolis Magazine

To understand how landscape architecture can address our society's rising security concerns, we naturally turned to the eminent architect Laurie Olin in our November issue...

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