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Blogosphere: Four Horsemen Of Bipartisanship, Toronto Takes LRT Over Subway, Electrifying Caltrain, Rooftop Water Supplies

Blogosphere - In this section you'll find commentary, opinion and editorials from blogs and newspapers around the country. The opinions expressed in these blogs do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Reconnecting America.

Blogosphere: 4 Unsung Heroes Critical to Senate Bill

Transportation Bill

They are the "Four Horsemen of Bipartisanship" according to Gary Hoitsma, editor of the DC-based Washington Letter on Transportation and Managing Associate at The Carmen Group. Hoitsma was kind enough enough to share with our readers this section from the current WLT issue:..

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Blogosphere: Council Approves LRT Over Subway

Steve Munro

Toronto Council, after over a day and a half's debate, has approved the construction of a Sheppard East LRT from Don Mills to Morningside by a vote of 24-19...

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Blogosphere: Agreement Reached to Electrify Caltrain


This is big news - the California High Speed Rail Authority, Caltrain, and local governments have reached a deal to split the costs and fund Caltrain electrification and the downtown extension...

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Blogosphere: Emotional Transport Blogging

Walkable DFW 

Forgive me. There will be blood...and curse words. I was nearly hit by a truck and it wasn't an accident. I had to dive out of the way. This just happened on my typical walk to work...

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Commentary: Metro Needs to Focus on Its Purpose

Houston Chronicle

In 2003, after many years of acrimonious debate over what role Metro should play in our region's transportation policy, we supposedly settled the issue with a referendum that was passed by a narrow margin...

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Blogosphere: Yemen's Rooftop Water Supplies

Pop Up City

Today's World Water Day - a nice occasion to highlight the great R.A.I.N.S. project that has just kicked off in Yemen's capital Sana'a. Initiated by Sana'a resident Sabrina Faber, the program provides an innovative solution for water shortage by modifying existing rooftop structures in the city to capture, filter and store rain water...

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Blogosphere: Advocates Discuss Freeway Cap w DOT 

LA Streetsblog

Advocates for more open space for the park-starved community of Hollywood had a moment to shine yesterday. Congressman Adam Schiff, members of the Hollywood Central Park Committee and other neighborhood advocates had a meeting with USDOT Secretary Ray LaHood...

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Blogosphere: Why Bother w Affordable Housing?

Stephen Rees

Pete McMartin had been going up in my estimation. His latest opinion piece in the Sun puts him right back where he started, as far as I am concerned...

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Blogosphere: Community Vision for Stockton Street


How should Chinatown's Stockton Street evolve over the next decade? That was the question posed to participants in a workshop series jointly hosted by SPUR and the Chinatown Community Development Center (CCDC) in late February...

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Blogosphere: How To Talk About Cities w Rural Folks

Atlantic Cities

Mitchell Silver spends a lot of time traveling the country in his role as the president of the American Planning Association. In that time, he has learned that there are certain words you just don't use with audiences outside of the urban core. For instance: urban...

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Blogosphere: Crude Measures of Density

Getting From Here to There

Density is a somewhat nebulous concept. It seems straightforward but it isn't. Recently many proponents of increasing residential density (Glaeser, Avent, Yglesias among others support economic arguments for density) point to the constraints that land development regulations have on denser development...

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Blogosphere: A Steel Plant Going Green

The Atlantic Cities

South of Buffalo sits the industrial suburb of Lackawanna. Its economic raison d'être? A massive Bethlehem Steel plant along Buffalo's Outer Harbor, which has been closed since 1983...

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Blogosphere: The US Talent Trade

Burgh Diaspora

The debate over immigration reform in the United States is heating up. One prize is landing a piece of the Irish brain drain. Both Australia and Canada are very active on this front...

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Blogosphere: Abandominiums - Vacant Buildings

Next American City

In the heart of Anacostia, a neighborhood in southeast Washington, D.C., lies a large concentration of forgotten or unfinished housing enterprises. Instead of generating needed jobs and taxes, these "abandominiums" play home to squatters and a community's frustration...

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